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Seriously. I feel like I have been on 18 months of straight weddings. Oh wait I have. And the next leg of wedding season is about to kick-off again. One of my dearest friends… I’ve known him since first grade… is getting married in just three weeks! Kind of hard to believe! Then, my college roomate ties the knot two weeks later at what I’m expecting will be a very laid back and beautiful wedding in the woods of New Hampshire. The couple rented out a camp for their guests for the entire weekend. More details to come on that.

Then we have a little lull, until November, when one of my newest and sweetest most wonderful friends marries at a ski resort in Maryland. Up and down the east coast… here we go 🙂

I love it.

In the meantime, I’m taking a much anticipated and much needed little break from the vacation wedding- which is all I’ve been on lately- out west to California for a few days of relaxing with a little wine, and a little shopping… ahh.

That said, I might be missing for a few days, but don’t panic. I’ll have lots of West Coast wisdom to share when I return.

Happy early weekend!

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