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There’s several schools of thought on this touchy little conversation piece.

As a bridesmaid, if you don’t have a serious boyfriend, and by boyfriend I don’t mean your post three Margarita phone call after a late Thursday night out with the girls, then don’t expect to get a plus one to your friends big day.

In her eyes, you have a job to do.  In theory you do have a job to do, sometimes several jobs, and having a random plus one around while you dodge into the bathroom to hold tulle over the toilet might not be the best first date.

Even ladies with significant others often find themselves abandoning their dates at weddings they are in.  A friend of mine is toying with the idea of not even bringing her long-term boyfriend to a wedding she’s in because he might end up hanging out alone at the bar all night while she attends to her duties.

Of course, situations vary and if your other half is friends with your fellow bridesmaids plus ones, they might not feel too left out.  But if they’re not and you’re sitting court-side with the bridal party, while he’s off at the “Other halves” Table you might just get to wave from across the room.

If most of the bridal party is married or coupled off, a good way to solve this problem- TELL YOUR BRIDES- is just seat everybody with their date.  Don’t make your bridal party sit at a long table at the front of the room while their husbands sit in the back near the buffet.  I did a wedding once where the bride used 2 round tables to seat the bridal party and their dates.  The bride and groom sat with the maid of honor and her husband and the best man and his girlfriend, and the rest of the bridal party surrounded them with their dates.

Personally, if you’re single and in a wedding don’t even worry about bringing a date. It’s so not worth it. Besides, if the future Mr. & Mrs., follow the rule across the board that means there could be plenty of single boys right across the aisle from you.

Are weddings really a good place to meet men? I don’t know.  I’m going to 9 this year, one of which I’m in, so I’ll let you know.

Success Stories welcome!


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