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I swear there is nothing more in life that I need or want than a weekend in the Carolina’s. Sigh. Seriously. I’ve been back in dreary, rainy New York City for less than 24 hours, and all I can do is lust over my latest copy of Kiawah Legends Magazine, with another Firefly cocktail. There’s just something about those beautiful beaches, the salty air, cocktails with friends and live music floating over the canopies of spanish moss.

Can you think of anything better?

I really do think that this is the way to bachelorette your way into married life girls.  This weekend was the story of seven girlfriends who have known each other for a very long time… since first grade. (You can do your own math).

We stayed in Folly Beach in a beautiful townhouse with super fun red walls and a screened in porch overlooking miles of marsh and quick stretches of creek that only the loggerheads could fit through.  Folly is about 25 minutes from downtown Charleston, and a great little town for a weekend away.

Apparently it’s quite the place for a bachelor and bachelorette getaway. I feel like I say this a lot when I go on these, but man… I should have known the weekend was going to be ridiculous when I got on the plane at La Guardia. Let me paint you a little picture…

We board… barely, because my cousin and I were way to consumed in our own conversation to be paying attention to something so unimportant as a boarding time. Plus, we were mildly distracted by a gaggle of drunken 30-something men staggering toward our gate. “That can’t be our plane,” I said.


That was most certainly our plane.

That gaggle of drunken men turned out to be a bachelor party of 16 heading straight to the shores of Charleston, and they had been drinking since 9am. Before we even took off they had clogged the bathroom. Before, we even took off. The stewardess gave the plane the option of going back to the airport to fix said lavatory, or she wouldn’t serve us any water and we could be on our merry way.

“NO WATER!”  we all yelled in unison.



Bring us booze instead.

By the time we landed in Charleston, two cocktails, three games of “Guess that Celebrity”, and one hour later, the plane was dry. Those boys drank that plane clean.

Hey, good for them… and us. The stewardess felt so bad that we were sitting in the middle of Animal House on the Party Plane that she threw us some freebies too. Thank. You.

The rest of the weekend was filled with early morning runs, a day at the beach that I spent standing in the ocean with a Firefly cocktail in hand, (because that’s my perfect happiness in life) delicious dinner at High Cotton in Charleston, and INCREDIBLE. Incredible drinks at the rooftop bar at the Market Pavilion Hotel, quite possibly my most favorite spot in Chucktown. I highly recommend the Dirty Bird. Highly, highly. Nothing quite tops a dirty martini with Roquefort stuffed olives at sunset, overlooking all of Charleston with old friends. Nothing.

It’s worth doing, and it’s worth doing right. If you go to Folly Beach, hit up Lazo’s for early morning Coffee, Snapper Jack’s for live music late night, and Rita’s Seaside Grille for barbecue shrimp quesadilla’s or Taco Boy for some of the best fish tacos in the south. The best thing about Folly, is you can walk EVERYWHERE. There’s a great bar scene, and great little restaurants. Do it up girls. Be different. Buck the trends, and go on vacation instead. Just watch that day drinkin’… it’ll catch up with you 😉

In less than 24 hours I am gone New York. I don’t want your dirty streets and sub-par weather. Give me sunshine, and Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka Cocktails, and some of my favorite girlfriends at the beach. That’s right people. This girl is skipping town and heading to her happy place, Charleston, SC, for a bachelorette weekend.

I really can’t wait.

Remember that post I did awhile back about what I would do in Charleston, SC if I were to go for a bachelorette party… yeah that’s going to come in handy this weekend. With a few minor revisions… I predict a weekend filled with fun, food and stories I won’t be able to tell you here….

But aren’t they just the best kind 🙂

Happy Weekend Everyone!

First- a sincere apology for the slacking this week. Times they are a little crazy. I escaped the New York weather last weekend in favor of a short weekend trip with my bestie to Charleston, SC and nearby Kiawah Island. It’s my favorite place on the planet, and it was a much need and super fun trip. I was taking notes for friends who are heading down for a bachelorette weekend in April. The bride in question, is super laid back and far away from the scary pink feather boa place. (me too- truth be told) So she opted for a mini-vacay with her best girls down south.  Listen up ladies… here are our suggestions.

Drinks over Charleston…
Pavilion Rooftop Bar-Market Pavilion Hotel

Market Pavillion Bar

Market Pavilion Bar

So there’s nothing more wonderful than the brand new Market Pavilion Hotel in downtown Charleston. Complete with views of historic Charleston, a cascading pool, signature cocktails, eclectic cuisine offerings and the city’s most spectacular sunsets, you will not want to miss this hot spot to kick the night off right. It’s a little bit pricey, but totally worth it. Hold out on appetizers and just and just go and enjoy the amazing view and the drinks. You might even see some heat lightening in the distance like we were. I highly recommend the Pavilion Sweet Tea Martini. It’s AMAZING. They use the always delicious Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and layer it with freshly squeezed southern lemonade. Trust me. Another hot spot worth checking out, The Library at the Vendue Inn in historic Charleston.

Bring out your inner S.N.O.B at Dinner…
Slightly North of Broad (S.N.O.B)

S.N.O.B. Charleston, SC

S.N.O.B. Charleston, SC

One of Charleston’s most incredible dinner spots, Slightly North of Broad (S.N.O.B), one of the Maverick Southern Kitchens is the perfect place to continue the evening. Located in a 19th century brick warehouse just north of historic Broad Street, you’ll get a taste of some of the south’s best dishes.  Award-winning executive chef Frank Lee starts with the Carolina Lowcountry’s rich resources, then adds his own blend of flavors from Charleston’s multicultural heritage. I highly recommend the Pesto Gnocchi to start- sounds so simple, yet so incredibly different and delicious, and then move on to the Grilled Southern Medley complete with locally grown vegetables and don’t forget dessert. The Sour Cream Apple Pie, is like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Promise. and I really don’t like Apple Pie. It’s to die for.  The other great thing about S.N.O.B, is that they use locally grown food from nearby islands. They can accommodate groups of 12, but there is no private dining, just calm your inner snob and sit with the common folk. It won’t kill you. In fact I’m fairly certain you’ll thank me. If you’d rather test your senses elsewhere check out other Maverick kitchen restaurants, High Cotton and the Old Village Post House.

Day Trip
Kiawah Island, SC

Kiawah Island, SC

Kiawah Island, SC

I shoudn’t recommend this to you, and increase the already crowded beaches, BUT. Kiawah Island is the best place ever. Especially if you go in the off-season. It’s a mere 50 minutes from downtown Charleston, and the easiest of drives. It’s a quiet little island, with low wooden street signs, and not a commercial building in sight. If you go, rent bikes from the Kiawah Resort Bike Shop, lunch at the poolside grill at the brand new, and seriously regal Sanctuary Hotel and Resortenjoy a paddling tour of the island, or take a Sunset Cruise with a bottle of your favorite champagne.

Now. Don’t forget to get in some serious shopping on historic King Street, experience the open air market with loads of southern gifts and treats, and maybe even fit in a carriage ride. It’s a beautiful little city, and perfect for the laid back bride and her entourage to relax and enjoy a little bit of downtime before the big day.

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