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Salmon Cove is offering the readers of Be My Bridesmaid a discount on online order before July 19th! Just type the word “bridal” into the coupon code box and receive a 20 % discount on your order! Salmon Cove is offering this code exclusively to the readers of Be My Bridesmaid before July 19th, so jump on this ladies, and tell your friends.

This is a great line of super cute super prep clothing that’s great for bachelorette weekends, groomsmen gifts and welcome baskets. Pick your own outfit instead of being told what you’re supposed to wear and outfit the bridal party for any wedding weekend events.



Fun new clothes to share!

Although I live in New York and sometimes feel that I must abide by the city-wide uniform of black and well… really just black , I do love a little color in my world. And really… a popped collar never killed anyone.

Salmon Cove is a fabulous line of super prep clothing that is super, super cute.

Ryan Vesce and Ben Wallace, a pair of wicked smaaart, and wicked talented hockey boys from Cornell launched Salmon Cove because they got tired of waiting for something wonderful to happen and decided to make it happen on their terms.

Vaguely reminiscent of the Murray boys over at Vineyard Vines, Salmon Cove products center around the oh so famous polo- here with fabulous color combos and jackets for men and women. They even have a custom shop, and who doesn’t love a little monogramming from time to time.

I gotta say that A) I am super impressed and B) Having met 1/2 of the pair this weekend…something tells me it’s probably pretty fun to go to work every day.

Check them out online and click on the store locator to get a list of retailers.

Happy Shopping!

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