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I killed my lavender tree this weekend. I know… what kind of mother am I? Neglectful apparently. It was so pretty too. And with the sunshine trying to show up and spring peeking around the corner,  and me killing my plant and all… all I can think about is gardening.  (Even though it’s been proven that I’m not so great at it)

I want to be great at it.

Since I live in a city that is not exactly conducive to gardening… I think about all the things I will try not to kill someday, someplace else. I dream about tulips and hydrangea and overflowing pots of mint perfect for a an afternoon mojito. Yes. Dreams. At least until I move out of the concrete playground. Here’s some inspiration for Spring in today’s WED Favorites, and by the way lovely favors for spring time weddings.


Butter Cream Birdhouses- Greenware Design by Etsy $40

Butter Cream Birdhouses- Greenware Design by Etsy $40

This is so cute. And small enough that I might not kill it immediately. They’re hanging planters for our tillandsias (aka. airplants)… just keep in a warm spot and mist with a water bottle (perfect for bathrooms…the plants love the humidity and moisture left in the air post-showering). Care instructions included. (THANK GOD)


Plantable Favors from Greetings That Grow (Etsy) $5 for 10 tags

Plantable Favors from Greetings That Grow (Etsy) $5 for 10 tags


The tulip tags were made using sheets of strawberry colored forget me not seed embedded paper, which Anna at Greetings That Grow hand made and cut herself using all recycled materials. Each tag is packaged separately and comes with clear instructions as to how to plant the seed embedded paper once you are done with the card. Really cute idea for a springtime bridal shower.


Japanese Bird Bells- Red Envelope $39.95

Japanese Bird Bells- Red Envelope $39.95

I kind of love wind chimes. They can have the creepy factor at times, but then I think about them on porches that overlook oceans and lakes and it seems like it should be ok to hang bells shaped like birds over your window. I like these. They’re a little different, but still pretty fun.


Umbrella Rain Chain- Smith & Hawken $119

Umbrella Rain Chain- Smith & Hawken $119

Ok. This is not a shower or wedding favor. But it’s very cool, and worth throwing on a registry somewhere. Copper turns green when it weathers, (officially- it develops a mellow patina over time)  which is pretty beautiful. So this copper umbrella chain is perfect for a side yard. Hang above a basin or rain barrel to conserve rain water, or use in place of a downspout to direct the flow of water.  Plus it sounds pretty. 


Picking out jewelry for a wedding is not the most fun thing in the world. In fact, a little guidance from the bride I think, is definitely a good thing. It eliminates the awkward moment the day of that goes like this…

Bride: “Are you wearing those earrings?”
Bridesmaid: “Well… I was planning on it. You said you didn’t care what we wear.”
Bride: “Oh. Ok.” (Inside her head she’s saying, “I lied. I care. You can’t wear those hoochi mama hoops at MY wedding.”

Again, guidance can be a very good thing.

Admittedly, some brides are mum about jewelry until the day of the wedding because they often buy the jewelry for you as a gift. I thought the earrings that the beautiful bridesmaids of wedding #3 wore were really wonderful and looked gorgeous with their mint green dresses. I couldn’t get close enough to snap any pictures, but they looked a little bit like these Elsa Peretti earrings from Tiffanys, ($425) from 25 pews back…

If you don’t get any guidance talk to the other bridesmaids, and devise some kind of plan… no earrings only necklaces. Or absolutely no necklace only earrings. Don’t show up looking like a beach gypsy with a set of tarot cards…choose wisely, and sparingly in some cases.

For those of you in weddings with brides who TRULY don’t care, there are a lot of options out there to pick from.


$195- $350

$195- $355


$65 at South Moon Under

$60 at South Moon Under

There is also a a really great blog on called My Jewel Box, where the rich and not so rich come together to share their favorite baubles and bling and the stories behind them.

Even if you can’t afford your own version of Donatella Versace’s Fred Leighton ring, at least you can stare at it, use it as a procrastination tool, or a ridiculous aspirational fantasy at work…there are worse things to daydream about. also has a designer spotlight section that might better help you and your bride determine the kind of jewelery HER special day will call for. Is it going to be more free-spirit, Kate Hudson hippy fest on the beach which, might call for the bold link-and-chain designs of Ippolita, or a more sophisticated soirée ala Natalie Portman with diamond Art-Deco period pieces from Kwiat.

Just remember use these as inspiration with your bride… don’t scare the living bejesus out of her by sending her an email with a link to the $3,000 pair of earrings you’re hoping she’ll spring for. You might get fired from bridesmaid duty…forever.

Communication is key. Talk to the bride, and the other bridesmaids and figure out what look is best for the day, the bride and the dresses. Happy shopping!

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