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Yes… there are more.  I just couldn’t narrow them down. They’re just too beautiful. Here are some more FABULOUS photos from Rocco & Larah’s San Juan del Sur Nicaragua, wedding reception from Cindy Johnson

Reception- San Juan Del Sur


From the lovely bride…“Eventually we all went down to the restaurant for the reception, which featured seafood pasta, beef tenderloin, and grilled mahi-mahi.  We heard great speeches over both a champagne and tequila toast.”


Entering the Reception


Cigar Rolling and Tequila Shots


From the bride…“Then it was time for dancing!  I danced with my father to Guns N Roses Sweet Child Of Mine.  We topped off the night with non-stop dancing until finally I donned a white bikini, stripped down the groom, and most of the wedding party found themselves in the pool. 

“Overall, the wedding was a complete fairy-tale for us and our guests.  We were skeptical about a destination wedding in a developing country, but in the end we could never have done better in the US.  It was more magical and the staff at the resort did a better job than we ever imagined.  I would do it again in a heartbeat, and feel that our entire wedding was one of the highlight of my life so far!”




Water Dancing...

Into the Pool

Thank you again to Cindy Johnson for her AMAZING Photos! To check out more of her beautiful work check out her website!


This beautiful Real Wedding was sent to me by Randi Voss of  Randi Voss photography.  Krissy and Jon met in Charlottesville, VA, so when it came time to plan their wedding it seemed like a perfect fit. Krissy, a UVA alum and Jon, who was originally from Charlottseville, opted to get married at the chapel on the University of Virgina’s campus. Their reception was at Veritas Vineyards, and the weather absolutely cooperated. SO great. Love me some vino weddings!

Entering Cocktail Hour

Veritas Vineyard




Vineyard Weddings

From the lovely bride… “Walking out of the chapel with Jon was one of my favorite moments of the day. I think we actually high-fived.”  

” My other favorite moment was dancing with my dad.  I experienced what Oprah calls, “the ugly cry” 🙂

Love it.

Veritas Vineyard

The Venue

Place Cards

Krissy and Jon opted for a pumpkin ice cream cake  specially made at Chaps, their favorite, and one of Charlottesville’s oldest ice cream parlors.

Chaps Pumpkin Ice Cream Cake
From the bride…”We both love their pumpkin ice cream and don’t really like cake so the owner so kindly made us our ice cream cake. It’s not the prettiest cake by any  means, since it melted by the time we took pictures, but it certainly was the best tasting cake I’ve ever had!” 

Guess where they went on their first anniversary…. 

Pumpkin Ice Cream Cake

Reception Hall


From the bride…”For favors we had a chocolate bar. We bought gourmet chocolates from Wegmans Grocery store (they are sooo good and have different flavors, like key lime pie and PB&J). I ordered boxes online and my sister made labels for the tops with our names and our wedding date. We put all the chocolates out and everyone fill their own boxes with the chocolates they wanted.” 
DIY Favors
Chocolate Bar


First Dance


I stumbled upon Nate and Jaclyn’s amazing images by accident. Then… I couldn’t get enough.

I’ve said this before, but I”ll say it again. Photography for your wedding…definitely worth investing in. And take a browse on this site and around the lovely little Internet to see what your photos SHOULD look like. You don’t just want the boring, standard posed photos. I mean they’re necessary but so don’t capture the whole day the way it needs to be captured.
Your pictures are forever, and they should be unique, inviting, inspiring and completely and totally you.

Nate and Jaclyn of the Image is Found Photography are based in Oceanside, California. I adore their work, AND that wonderful photo at the top of Wedding Belles Online is theirs! Check out their blog with some pretty awesome and exciting pics, and a full gallery of their wedding work here.


Flying Veil


Continuing with our photographer features, Tommy Brown is a hilarious and eclectic photographer in upstate New York who takes AMAZING photos. His collection is quirky and imaginative while still being real and totally memorable. Below are some of my favorites of his!

Spanish Moss


Corn Stalkers


Last Dance


After seeing their photos, I had to feature Anthony and Emily’s beautifully, whimsical Nashville wedding! The attention to detail is impeccable and Michael Howard’s photos are incredible. See for yourself.

Anthony & Emily

Hit Me

Bridal Stroll

Straight Tie


Grand Entrance


Table Scape



Party Exit

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