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As most of you know I LOVE photo booths and everything that comes with them. I’m still waiting for pictures from a photo booth proposal… In the meantime I had a chance to check out these awesome Save the Dates! They are simply my favorite!

From My Aim is True

From My Aim is True

And here, from one of my favorites- Ariel at Off Beat Bride– is a video detailing how you can make your own PLUS you can check out the written instructions for these and other creative Save the Dates from Martha by clicking on the image below.




Some valuable advice gathered from some wedding guests from a recent wedding my friend went to. Take notes.

  • Lighting Matters
    If your friends are thinking about getting married anywhere that has flourescent lighting, BEG THEM to do candles on the tables. Ambiance is everything, and flourescent lighting doesn’t make anyone look good. Plus, who wants to dance when it looks like they just turned up the lights at a 7th grade dance. Ever heard of a dimmer switch. Use it.
  • Photo Booths are Fun
    Yes. I firmly recommend these. I think they are a great expense and if you don’t have room in your budget don’t worry, BUT they are really, really fun and serve as a nice guest book substitute. That is, if you’re willing to give up one of the better photo’s on your strip to the bride & groom’s book.
    P.S. Wouldn’t it be cute if someone proposed in a photo booth… it would be like capturing the moment in 6 frames. If you know someone that happened to, please make them post pictures here.
  • Hire a Planner
    Unless the friend of the bride who happens to do events on the side is willing to either work the wedding- either for free or for money- make your bride hire a wedding planner. Don’t grab someone in the middle of the wedding and whisk them off to participate unless they’ve already agreed to do so. Wedding planning is fun when you’re aware of everything going on ahead of time, and works much better if you haven’t already had five Gin & Tonics. There’s no reason you should be waiting for 5 minutes for the bride-to-be at the end of the aisle because she doesn’t know her timing, unless she decided she wants out altogether. Do your job girls. Tell her when to go, and then take her phone away. No aisle dialing. Not allowed.
    Don’t skimp on music. It should be on always, always, always. When people arrive, their should be music. When people are enjoying their cocktails, there should be music. There should always be music. It’s one of those things that people don’t notice when it’s there, but if it’s missing, it can kill a party. Fast. ( Good music is better than Bad music) It’s worth mentioning
  • Don’t forget the Lemons
    If you’re bride and groom decided to buy their booze wholesale to try to save some cash make sure you remind them to get the lemons and limes too. Vodka Tonic does not taste the same with lime juice as it does with a lime. In fact, it’s gross.

    In other news…Wedding one is done. One down, Eight to go. It was the first time I didn’t bring a gift to the wedding itself. Usually I bring a money card, and once I lugged a blender or something to that effect to the actual wedding, never to be done again. But, I have to admit it was kind of liberating. Now, I just have to remember to actually send them a gift. You get a year right?

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