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Oh. my god.

I’ve died.


I cannot explain how much I adore Merrilee Liddiard’s whole entire world.

I love this so much that my whole entire WED Favorites post today, is all about her.

My friend Shauna who works with me in my “real life day-time job” sent me this magical link, of Merilee, who moonlights as a pretty amazing illustrator.

I clicked on the link, where I subsequently died.


Look. Not many people these days can pull off amazingly crafty and cool well. Ok so I don’t even know where to start. First, her illustrations are amazing. Her line drawings of couples are my absolute fave, WHICH, she has parlayed into super fab wedding gifts. Seriously how awesome is that? Best wedding gift ever. She even has an ETSY STORE! Hooray! I love Etsy.

Josh & Lauren

Gemma & James

This photo was just after she gave her best friend Angie’s husband Jonathon a sneak peak at their wedding gift- a customized portrait. The actual portrait is below.

Merilee Portraits

Angie & Jonathon

Also, and I don’t know if miss Merilee would do this, but it’s probably worth asking if Save the Date’s are possible as well with these super fab couple drawings.

Ok moving on. So little to see, with so much time. Strike that. Reverse it.

Fabulous hostess she is. Check out this Moody Mod Tea time party she threw, with all the amazing details.

Moody Mod Tea Time

Ready… the tablecloth is Ikea fabric, and the fabric banner is all vintage fabric she sewed together herself. Love.

But the absolute best part… is these crazy invitations. DIY- Easy peezy.


Moody Mod Tea Time Invitations

Cut out a little fabric tape, and sewing a stitch across the invite. Plus it doesn’t hurt it your everyday handwriting is this amazing…

DIY Invites...

Easy Peezy Invites...

Ok so clearly I think Merilee’s work is insanely amazing. She’s also super fabulous, and her husband and two boys are totally charming and vintage. I love it. Check out all of her amazing work at her blog here, and her illustrators work here.

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