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Hello Hello lovelies! Hope you are all well. I just got my new LaFlor cosmetic bag today! I LOVE IT! It’s even better in person. Seriously. These are adorable. I opted for the second fabric pattern – the dark pink and light pink swirly whirly. So great.

I’m also working on some really amazing Real Weddings to share with you very soon! I can’t wait to show you these incredible photos. They will make you excited to attend the 9,000 weddings you have to go to this year. I mean… I’m excited for the ones I have. And there are plenty. These are just the ones I know about… but the year is young and the potential for over-sized envelopes is great.

I honestly thought this year would be a little bit lighter in the wedding load department. Such a lie.

I have just as many, except this year, they’re all on the same days. Here’s my 2009 Wedding breakdown:

Memorial Day hometown kick-off in May, a lakeside wedding for June, a set of same day weddings (one Boston Bruh-ha-ha and a down home southern Tennessee throw-down) for July, three in August (The NH Wedding in the Woods and the 1000 Islands Wedding are same day – think I can make both?) and a Tarrytown, NY weekender wedding. Closing it all out is a Maryland Wedding Thanksgiving Day weekend.

Now, if that doesn’t sound like the best way to spend my vacation days I don’t know what does 🙂

I kid. 

I was born to go to weddings.


Clearly, I love personalizing things. Obviously. These personalized bags from LaFlor are ADORABLE. They’re an Etsy seller. You know I love Etsy, and I seriously LOVE these bags. This is such an adorable option to match the fabric to your girls. Fill it with makeup, lip gloss and moisturizers and stuff into a cute welcome basket or offer up to your bridesmaids at your bachelorette party as a little thank you! They’re made from 100% cotton and range from $8- $12. Plus if you order more than 2 bags, LaFlor offers a 10% discount! 

Personal Cosmetic Bags from LaFlor

Personal Cosmetic Bags $12

Choose your own fabrics…

LaFlor Cosmetic Fabrics

LaFlor Cosmetic Fabrics

Small ZIpper Cosmetic Bag $8.00

Small Zipper Cosmetic Bag $8

Small Zipper Bag $8

Small Zipper Bag $8

Also… off topic, but totally worth noting. I really love their pillows too.

Green Damask Pillow 16 inch $16

Green Damask Pillow 16 inch $16

Pop Garden Peonies Pillow- 16 inch $16

Pop Garden Peonies Pillow- 16 inch $16

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