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Martha’s talking about it, and so is everyone else. This season’s hottest color trend… Sea Glass. I love it. Subtle, yet elegant and totally chic. Get inspired with some ideas below.

Photo's Courtesy of Martha Stewart/

Photo's Courtesy of Martha Stewart/

Here’s the “BUY-IT” breakdown…

Wafer Cake: Necco wafers– Mint shade available at; Invitations: HammerpressFavor Boxes: Materials from your local ARts Store. See How-To- Here; Bridesmaid Dresses (Blue): “Bellini” strapless dress, Siri, 415-431-8873. “Mallory” sweetheart crisscross halter dress, Jenny Yoo Collection; Collective Sea Glass Inspired Jewlery; Get a shot of something blue with a sparkling piece of jewelry that’s seaworthy and wedding-worthy. 1. Pendant necklace, by Danielle Welmond, from Twist, 2. Beaded necklace with freshwater pearls, Rina Limor, 3. Quartz and chalcedony necklace, Suzanne Kalan, 4. “Cleo” hoops, Rachel Leigh, 5. Topaz and gold necklace, by TenThousandThings, from Ylang 23, ylang 6 & 7. “Snowman” topaz earrings, and gold and topaz bangles, Ippolita, 877-865-5500. 8. Aquamarine chunk necklace, by Gabrielle Sanchez, from ABC Carpet & Home, 212-473-3000. 9. Brazilian agate bib necklace, Jennifer Rose, 10. Bracelet with smooth fluorite, Becky Kelso, 11. Peruvian Amazonite earrings with diamonds, by Jamie Joseph, from Ylang23, 12. “Stellar Mix” earrings, by Dana Kellin, from Fragments Prince Street, 212-334-9588; Earrings: Style GS688AQ, by Gabrielle Sanchez, from ABC Carpet & Home,; Bridesmaid Dress (Green): “Orchid” jade shantung dress, Simple Silhouettes; Bottle Favors: Shop vintage shops, good will and $1 stores and then complete each favor with a typed out message inside from the you! ( Photo Courtesy of

Picking out jewelry for a wedding is not the most fun thing in the world. In fact, a little guidance from the bride I think, is definitely a good thing. It eliminates the awkward moment the day of that goes like this…

Bride: “Are you wearing those earrings?”
Bridesmaid: “Well… I was planning on it. You said you didn’t care what we wear.”
Bride: “Oh. Ok.” (Inside her head she’s saying, “I lied. I care. You can’t wear those hoochi mama hoops at MY wedding.”

Again, guidance can be a very good thing.

Admittedly, some brides are mum about jewelry until the day of the wedding because they often buy the jewelry for you as a gift. I thought the earrings that the beautiful bridesmaids of wedding #3 wore were really wonderful and looked gorgeous with their mint green dresses. I couldn’t get close enough to snap any pictures, but they looked a little bit like these Elsa Peretti earrings from Tiffanys, ($425) from 25 pews back…

If you don’t get any guidance talk to the other bridesmaids, and devise some kind of plan… no earrings only necklaces. Or absolutely no necklace only earrings. Don’t show up looking like a beach gypsy with a set of tarot cards…choose wisely, and sparingly in some cases.

For those of you in weddings with brides who TRULY don’t care, there are a lot of options out there to pick from.


$195- $350

$195- $355


$65 at South Moon Under

$60 at South Moon Under

There is also a a really great blog on called My Jewel Box, where the rich and not so rich come together to share their favorite baubles and bling and the stories behind them.

Even if you can’t afford your own version of Donatella Versace’s Fred Leighton ring, at least you can stare at it, use it as a procrastination tool, or a ridiculous aspirational fantasy at work…there are worse things to daydream about. also has a designer spotlight section that might better help you and your bride determine the kind of jewelery HER special day will call for. Is it going to be more free-spirit, Kate Hudson hippy fest on the beach which, might call for the bold link-and-chain designs of Ippolita, or a more sophisticated soirée ala Natalie Portman with diamond Art-Deco period pieces from Kwiat.

Just remember use these as inspiration with your bride… don’t scare the living bejesus out of her by sending her an email with a link to the $3,000 pair of earrings you’re hoping she’ll spring for. You might get fired from bridesmaid duty…forever.

Communication is key. Talk to the bride, and the other bridesmaids and figure out what look is best for the day, the bride and the dresses. Happy shopping!

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