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I myself have never been much a bag whore, a purse moocher or a handbag hooker. No, no, dresses and shoes are my vices.  But my cousin, now she’s a girl who likes a good bag, and to an extent she’s right. A bag can totally make or break an outfit. (This, is where I’m kind of lying because I had the same black Nine West bag for about 6 years and just recently splurged on a Longchamp bag, which some not-so-hot suburbian housewife in my childhood hometown TJ Maxx referred to as an oversize diaper bag. Seriously? Bite me bitch. That’s half my paycheck.) I digress.

However for the Sara’s in all of us…I give you my bag post. Some of the best of the best this season from the shower satchel to the bachelorette party clutch. And for those of you who are really looking for a steal I suggest you start at the website Bag, Borrow or Steal, which is an instant fashion fix for anyone who can’t afford to buy a designer bag but wouldn’t mind carrying one around for a week or two.  Here, you can essentially “rent” or borrow a bag to match your latest look and if you so choose, steal it (you do have to pay for it) and never give it back. Kind of awesome.

I also want to mention that vintage shops, second hand stores and good will are really great for fabulous vintage finds. They can be very rare, but definitely worth looking for. I have a white beaded bag that belonged to my grandmother that I literally have carried to every wedding I’ve ever been to and I have gotten rave reviews time and again. That said, raid your grandmothers and maybe even mother’s closets. You never know what you’ll find behind the shoe boxes on the top shelf.

But some more of my favorites this season.

Sabina Quilted Clutch from South Moon Under for $148

Whiting & Davis Small Mesh Bag from South Moon Under ( I love this because someone in my childhood hand one and it’s so vintage and fabulous to ever come across as gaudy. Also available in Silver.) $54

Leather Fold Over Clutch from Nine West now on sale for $119.99

Printed Fabric Clutch from Talbots $48. ( Ok, I know. I totally get made fun of on occasion for perusing the online and sometimes in store goods of Talbots- because it’s “where my friends mom’s shop” BUT…lately they have been “oh so lilly” and a little prep can go a long way in my world. So… deal.)

Latico Satchel from Piperlime for $175

Beirn Large Envelope Clutch from Piper Lime for $298

Big Buddha Kayla Clutch from Piper Lime for $35

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