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My wonderful friend Gina… who is happily involved in a relationship passed this blog-worthy article on to me to share with you all. I have to agree that being single during wedding season can be a bit angst ridden… it’s also a really great opportunity to meet nice, hot, single guys too. Ok, maybe just hot ones, but you could get lucky and meet the hot ones who are also nice. There are so few.

Single groomsmen are especially fun, I’ve found. Well maybe I just got lucky… But weddings can be really fun if the bridal party is made up of mostly single friends. We’re kind of a good time.

Some notes to the wedding planners, brides and reluctant grooms… 

 A “single table” at a wedding, that’s suggested here, isn’t my favorite idea, but it’s ok with the right group. Especially if all of the singles happen to know each other, or know of each other first. Another fun thing to do is have an engagement party or have a rehearsal dinner that includes all out of town guests so  that singles can meet and mingle BEFORE the wedding actually happens.

 DO NOT DRAG US KICKING AND SCREAMING OUT TO CATCH THE BOUQUET. In fact do away with it altogether and just give it to your sister. You know she wants it.

If most of your guest list consists of couples and a “few” single friends. Give them the OPTION of bringing a date. Especially if you haven’t spoken to them in awhile and aren’t positive they’re not in a serious relationship.  Just because you haven’t met your best girlfriend’s handsome, intelligent, successful boyfriend who also happens to be one hell of a threat on the dance floor… doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist.  If your friend wants to come stag, they will. But not giving them the option of bringing a date, when everyone else will be paired off, is kind of like pinning a scarlet “S” on them and calling it a night. Bad form.

And one last note to all of the married, engaged and otherwise taken friends of the single… lay off. We’re single because we want to be and we have high standards and we don’t need to be pitied or harped on. We’re fabulous.

Happy almost end of wedding season… sort of. 🙂

That’s what I told my friend Stephanie who married my friend George this past weekend at one of the most wonderful, beautiful, loving, perfect Carolina weddings I have ever witnessed.

This post is going to be a bit more unconventional, in that I’m going to let you all in on a more personal part of my world instead of critiquing and revealing the planning and the details. There’s a little bit of that here, but mostly it’s just me saying how happy I am that I was able to travel to North Carolina to see two of my favorite people get married with the most important people in their lives in attendance.

To be honest, I have never really been around in the days leading up to a wedding unless I was working or planning it. You’re not nearly as emotionally invested as you are when it’s your best friends trying to make everything perfect in time for the rehearsal dinner. I have to say it was a very stressful and chaotic experience for everyone involved (Not me, I just showed up and observed the chaos… by that time there was nothing left for me to do but watch). But people don’t do things like that if they don’t love you, and these two had a whole lot of love in the air and a whole lot of help too.

I don’t know anyone else in the world who could have dealt with the last minute stress that developed along with some very uncooperative weather as well. Plus, as long as I have known George, being prompt has never really been his strong suite. But there were other factors, and they dealt with everything so calmly that it made my head start to spin a little.

The reason this was one of the most wonderful weddings I’ve ever been to because it was so authentic and wonderful. These two have been dating for something over 6 years now. Steph you can correct me if I’m wrong… because to me it seems like you have always been together.

The bridal luncheon was so sweet, and very new for me- a southern soul stuck in a Yankee upbringing. I had never been to a bridal luncheon- different from the shower and bachelorette- where the bride thanks all those women close to her who helped in planning and participating in the wedding day. We had the beautiful back courtyard at Toast Cafe in Davidson, NC to ourselves where we laughed and cried and exchanged gifts before getting back to the craziness of the day. I think it was a much needed break for everyone.

Later that night a rehearsal dinner was given at the Harbor Club in Davidson, NC which was wonderful and full of laughter, reminiscing and speech after speech from friends and family toasting the bride and groom-to-be. I am a crier. I’m not afraid to say it, and I was waterworks that night, all night. Of course it didn’t help that a friend of ours who lives in Japan flew in and surprised the groom. Stephanie and a few others knew all about it, but I was conveniently kept in the dark, and therefore proceeded to cry in public for the next 20 minutes. Awesome. Thanks guys.

There was drinking and dancing later and it was just so wonderful to be in the company of my favorite people in the world.

The wedding was beautiful. George was literally giddy. He had the goofiest smile on his face as Steph walked down the aisle and she was actually bouncing down the aisle, she was so excited.

The brunch on Sunday was fantastic and a wonderful way to say goodbye to the huge amount of family and friends that were in town. Plus who doesn’t love to have a little helping of cheese grits before hopping on a plane back to LaGuardia…

A little rain never hurt anyone, and despite the very wet conditions at the reception, everyone made the best of it, and by the middle of dinner the sky cleared, the stars and lightning bugs came out, and it was the perfect Carolina night. Here are some highlights I’d like to share.

1. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem -It started with people loosing their shoes early in the night and by midnight, three groomsmen lost their shirts to the theme of New York, New York. What’s a little wedding strip show? Only in the south. Or maybe in Maine… I have a funny feeling we might see a repeat of this in July…

2. Make It Rain – Yes, the dance floor was wet, there were buckets catching water at every corner of the outdoor tents, the hanging lanterns were full of water and the poor place cards were covered with garbage bags in an effort to stay dry. But no one seemed to notice. We just ditched our shoes and walked around barefoot, ordering Blue Moons from the bar and eating Grit cakes waiting for the rain to stop. And when the bride and groom were announced they came strutting in under a huge black umbrella. How cute is that?

3. Don’t Stop Believin‘- When the dj makes a mistake and plays Don’t Stop Believing by Journey instead of the song you picked out to dance with your mama to…just improvise. This was incredible. Steph danced to My Girl with her dad, and then George and his mom took the floor to some serious hootin’ and hollerin’ from the tent perimeter. By the end of the song everyone was out on the dance floor fist pumping to Journey. How great is that? It was seriously the best thing ever. Let’s get this party started!

4. Best Man speeches are really important ( And it will probably never be as good as this one)– Why not go out of the box a bit? Regular speeches are boring. My best friend, and george’s best man made the best man speech of the year. In this toast/roast to George he literally hit on everything we love about George in the most hilarious way possible. In song… I apologize for the side video…tilt your head. It won’t kill you.

5. Other Treats– The cake was visually beautiful and delicious. There was an ice cream sundae bar with do it yourself toppings, amazing appetizers traditional to the south, a delicious dinner buffet with roasted vegetables and chicken cakes and salmon and sides that just kept coming. The flowers were absolutely incredible and the pictures do not do them justice.

In short, this was the best wedding I’ve ever been to because of how much I love George & Steph and it was an incredible treat for me to be able to participate and attend in this wonderful wedding with my incredible family of friends. I am so blessed by having the unique privilege of having an incredible extended family of friends who have been, and will continue to be a major part of my life, by letting me be a part of there’s. Cheers to you guys. I love you!

The New York Times Style section ran some of this season’s hot new registry trends. I gotta say this is a pretty nice list. It’s focused on cooking outdoors, but there’s a little bit of everything there… like this lovely little beer scooter.  I think I know several people who would absolutely appreciate a 14 MPH Scooter/Cooler on wheels. Most of them are men, and I think registering for this little beauty would a) make that china look a whole lot more reasonable and b) it’s a great group gift from your groomsmen or bridesmaids…Definitely worth checking out.

Fun new clothes to share!

Although I live in New York and sometimes feel that I must abide by the city-wide uniform of black and well… really just black , I do love a little color in my world. And really… a popped collar never killed anyone.

Salmon Cove is a fabulous line of super prep clothing that is super, super cute.

Ryan Vesce and Ben Wallace, a pair of wicked smaaart, and wicked talented hockey boys from Cornell launched Salmon Cove because they got tired of waiting for something wonderful to happen and decided to make it happen on their terms.

Vaguely reminiscent of the Murray boys over at Vineyard Vines, Salmon Cove products center around the oh so famous polo- here with fabulous color combos and jackets for men and women. They even have a custom shop, and who doesn’t love a little monogramming from time to time.

I gotta say that A) I am super impressed and B) Having met 1/2 of the pair this weekend…something tells me it’s probably pretty fun to go to work every day.

Check them out online and click on the store locator to get a list of retailers.

Happy Shopping!

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