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Are you ready for this? It’s pretty amazing. Ok- by now you should know Randi Voss, photographer extraordinaire and her amazing work on so many of our featured Real Weddings here. Not only does she shoot pretty spectacular weddings, she has a little added bonus that she just started offering up to clients as well. The ShotBox. Imagine a photobooth (my fav) on crack.  Way more people, way more creative poses, and way more fun. The result- is super amusing and super fun for guests at weddings. Couples, like Erin & Michael, are using Voss’s ShotBox in lieu of a guest book at weddings.

Saying that guests seemed to enjoy it… is a serious understatement.

Erin & Michael opted for props at their wedding, even throwing Erin’s veil into the mix, but Voss has said they are totally unnecessary and sometimes even make for a better picture sans hats and accessories. That means you have to get more creative kids.

Check out the ShotBox pictures below from photographer Randi Voss from Erin & Michael’s wedding. It’s definitely something worth adding to you reception. I mean… it’s a really good time.

Trust me. I lived it.

For more information on Randi Voss and this new Shotbox wedding trend- check out Erin & Michael’s wedding shots here and also more information on Randi Voss Photography and her stellar ShotBox here.

I’m really excited to share this wedding with you guys. So Erin is one of my  favorite people in the world. I met her in grad school, while her (now) husband, an Army Captain was stationed in Iraq. Watching her plan this wedding while finishing grad school, finding a new job, moving to Alaska and welcoming Michael back was pretty extraordinary. Amazing actually.

Erin is/was the best kind of bride. Laid back to all extremes, wanting nothing but a big, fantastic party with her closest friends and family. No muss, no fuss- just fun. Being a girl who seriously loves the snow, Christmas and all things that come with the holiday season, Erin and Michael picked a ski resort in Maryland for their wedding ceremony and reception in late November.

With all the ridiculous weather we’ve had lately, I was nervous she wouldn’t get the snow she wanted, but was I ever wrong. Driving into Maryland, we were greeted by PLENTY of snow.


Randi Voss, friend of the bride, shot the wedding, and did some amazing work per usual. The setting was pretty magical, which definitely didn’t hurt either.  Here are some photos from Erin & Michael’s Winter Wedding in Deep Creek, MD.

I love a bride who goes bold with the shoes. Their colors were red, black and white, and hiding a little bit of sass under that white dress was just perfect.

Erin is a self-proclaimed non-traditional brides in some ways. One- no flowers. Instead a friend of hers created a button bouquet for her in their signature colors for Erin to carry instead. The best part about this, was their florist worked some details — like the wisps of silver beads– into the bridesmaids real flower bouquets and groomsmen’s boutonnieres. So much fun.

Erin & Michael are world travelers. Dead serious about that one too. Michael proposed on top of an elephant in Thailand, it doesn’t really get much better than that does it? To pay tribute to their love for traveling, each table name was the word “Love” in a different language. Love that. (No pun intended)

Over the last few years I’ve learned something about Erin. She’s kind of a cupcake whore. She loves them. They make her happy. She had them at her engagement party, her city “shower” and her bachelorette party. So when it was time for dessert, Erin opted for a tower of delicious cupcakes– multiple flavors– all spelled out for guests to choose from.  I happen to love the cupcake over wedding cake option at weddings. Keeps things interesting. Oh and they had a candy bar. With takeaway containers.


Especially the next morning.

Erin & Michael danced to Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight.” One of my personal favorites. She shot me one of those” You cry, you die” looks right before they went out to the dance floor. I mean… it’s Sinatra, what do you expect? Also- quickly I do want to point out that this version of this song is WAY better than the Tony Bennett version- ya know the one  that resurfaced in My Best Friend’s Wedding in the 90’s.  Yes it was that long ago. That version is depressing. When in doubt, always go Sinatra.  Moving on…

To the dancing… which was pretty epic. Erin & Michael have friends that are not afraid to show your friends up on the dance floor.

And they will.

I’m not gonna lie. I was all kinds of impressed.

The wedding was wonderful, and I’m so glad I was able to share this (first hand) wedding with you all.

More from Erin & Michael’s Wedding to come.

I love winter. I do. Born and raised in the snow, I have to say there really is nothing prettier or more magical than twinkling lights against glistening snow. When my wonderful friend Erin, seriously of my favorite people in the world, got married last weekend it was just that. Magical snow everywhere, and just in time for her rehearsal. After a super casual (which was amazing and should be adopted everywhere) rehearsal at a brewery with more than a handful of their closest friends and family, Erin & Michael hosted a bonfire complete with marshmallows, snow and some drinks to keep everyone warm. It was beautiful, and a perfect way to kick off the weekend together. Here are some more amazing photos from photographer, and friend of ours and the bride’s , Randi Voss.

The bride shares a laugh with friends by the bonfire…

Father of the Bride…

The bride and groom take a quick sled down the hill with friends…

The bride and her maid of honor head down next…

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  While the rest of you ate leftovers, I went to a seriously fun and super magical winter wedding last weekend and I cannot wait to share it with you all for so many reasons! The ever talented Randi Voss shot these amazing, amazing photos.  Here’s a sneak peak of Erin & Michael’s wonderland wedding in Deep Creek, MD. More to come!

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