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APPARENTLY we’re forecasting correctly… again.
Check out the new bridal trend originating on the red carpet that Brides is reporting on from their Wedded Bits blog.


It’s award season… sigh. I love it. Everything that sparkles and shines can be seen on the red carpet every other weekend, and I can’t help but share some of my favorite looks with you. From the Golden Globes, and the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, take a look at some of the hottest looks this season.

Beautiful. Marion Cotilliard in White at the SAG Awards.

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So the Glee girls… clean up pretty fantastic. Dianna Agron of Glee looking STUNNING. Stunning. Favorite.

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and Lea Michele at the Golden Globes

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And again… at the SAG Awards.

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Kate Hudson at the Golden Globes

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Christina Applegate at the SAG Awards

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BEAUTIFUL in blue. Drew Barrymoyre at the SAG Awards.

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Kyra Sedgewick at the SAG Awards.

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Photo Courtesy of New Line Cinema

Photo Courtesy of New Line Cinema


Oh I’m so excited. So I never read the book that this star-studded, hot ensemble movie is based on, but who cares? ( I sort of just decided what kind of idiot needs to read this book- I already know all of this…) bygones.

This cute little movie is loaded with stars and sub plots and probably at least one story line you’ve found yourself in over the years. Drew Barrymore, who produced the film, and has a small role is adorable and the movie is directed by Ken Kwapis who directed one of my most favorite children’s movies ever… Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird. (If you’ve never seen it, you are missing a very serious part of your childhood. Go rent it immediately.)

There’s beautiful Hollywood leading ladies (Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly,  ScarJo and Ginnifer Goodwin) and seriously adorable guys (Kevin Connolly- love him, Justin Long, Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck) and their all clueless.

In the movie Jen Aniston plays Beth, a woman ready and waiting for a ring, but whose boyfriend, played by Ben Affleck doesn’t really believe in the whole marriage thing. She also gets to play a bridesmaid, and who doesn’t love that RIGHT?! enter sarcasm.

Anyway, has a feature article on Jen and her bridesmaid playing self that’s worth checking out. They also feature these DO’s and DONT’s for your bridesmaids from Shay Cunliffe, costume designer for He’s Just Not That Into You, which I’ve listed below for your reading pleasure. 

DON’T choose stiff silk and taffeta fabrics: They are very uncomfortable and do not lie well on the body. While shooting, the bridesmaid dress would become stretched out after Jennifer had worn it for only an hour. “It was actually a silly amount of work for such a simple dress,” says Shay.

DO look for dresses made from crepe or silk Charmeuse: They move beautifully on the body and will make your maids feel comfortable and beautiful in their dresses.

DON’T forget that your bridesmaids are probably on a budget: In a time when everyone’s budget has shrunk, try to choose dresses that your bridesmaid will be able to wear after the wedding.

DO select modern, simple dresses: Want to make your maids happy? You can’t go wrong with J. Crew bridesmaid dresses. “I’ve heard many times bridesmaids complaining to me, ‘Why oh why couldn’t they have let us get J. Crew bridesmaid dresses,'” Shay says. She also suggests looking at Nicole Miller for chic, affordable gowns.

DON’T let your maids make their own alterations: In the movie, Jennifer’s character makes a last minute change that raises the hem of her dress by several inches. In real life, Shay thinks that the bridesmaids should consider and consult with the bride before changing their dresses. “You want to participate in her version for the wedding,” she says. “I think it’s rude to disregard the sensibilities that your bride wants.”

DO choose a dress that’s flattering for everyone: “I would urge more brides to be more sensitive to the bodies and age group of their bridesmaids,” she says. “Brides need to take a minute and think when they want their bridesmaids to match and think that it might not work for everyone and be sensitive to that.”

Now… go indulge in some video trailers below, and understand how hilarious Justin Long, Bradley Cooper and Kevin Connolly are, and how much more you want to see this movie now. It’s so great.

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