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Well ladies I have been waiting to blog about some amazing froof, and the day has finally come. The Blue Onion Marketplace is an adorable new online shop that just opened up with full-force. Back in the Spring of this year, I stumbled across Michele (she’s the super fabulous owner at Blue Onion) and her amazing collection of Dulken & Derrick pins. These are THE beautiful silk flowers you see styled on all of the latest fashions for J.Crew.

Well now they’re available for you to style at home. Which is seriously amazing.

Dulken & Derrick is perfect for Fall, and PERFECT for weddings. Pin the corsages to a great jacket, dress or t-shirt and go.

Here are some of my favorite’s

Yellow Parrot Tulip Pin $27.99

Yellow Parrot Tulip Pin $27.99

Soft Blue Gardenia Pin $41.99

Soft Blue Gardenia Pin $41.99

White Peony Vintage Pin $47.99

White Peony Vintage Pin $47.99

Large Butter Poppy Pin $37.99

Large Butter Poppy Pin $37.99

We did a test run with some of these fabulous pieces at Katie & Chris’s Wedding in the Woods. I pinned the Vintage White Peony pin- above- into my friend Shauna’s super simple updo. With her Navy and white dress and…

Shauna with Dulken & Derrick Pin

Total success.

But heed this quick warning ladies… when you’re unpacking that duffle from your weekend away, avoid throwing these amazing pins into the wash. They’ll die. Trust me.

But seriously, these are totally versatile. Pin them on a dress, fasten it to a belt, or bobby pin it into your hair. They’re beautifully made and have a seriously high-end feel. Plus, they’re super affordable.

So The Blue Onion Marketplace also has super fun OTHER things too. I hear the Dulken & Derrick pins, but they also carry Streamline Luggage– which is A-MAZING.  The Editor Series is my favorite… I think. I also really love The Aviator Series. They’re so old Hollywood yet… made in Ireland. I love it.

They also carry Passotti Ombrelli umbrella’s and hats, and have a line of Kate Aspen luggage tags and party favors coming soon!

Now here’s the best part. FREE SHIPPING in SEPTEMBER. Just enter the Code: WELCOME at checkout.

J.Crew Aholics– Aren’t you so excited by this?!?!?

Happy shopping girls!

When it comes to wedding invitations, I’m a pretty big proponent of the real deal. However… in today’s eco-friendly, socially aware world of  “green” weddings…
a girls gotta have options. And we have DISCOUNTED options for you ladies…

When I first heard about the possibility of the digital invitation, I had my doubts. It’s kind of like how I feel about the Kindle. I want to like it, but there’s something about holding a real book in your hand.

There’s still something lovely and romantic about getting an over sized envelope in your mailbox. (one and a time)

But I have to say… I was dead wrong. I checked out My Invitation Link and was completely blown away.

These are AMAZING.

It’s so easy. You pick the music, the template and the photos and click send. There are countless templates to choose from and these invitations will NOT set you back. you can add text to tell the story of how you met, information on your special day and more! 

With your paid account you can create save the date cards, invitations, announcements, even thank you cards. 

(Although I’d still send a handwritten thank you)

 As a subscriber you have the option of having your invitations and announcements hosted for three, six, or twelve months. Prices range from $39 for three months, $59 for six months and $79 for one year.

You can change the music, pictures or template in that time and you can send it to as many people as you can afford to invite!

*Remember it’s still an invitation… watch your budget and don’t invite everyone you know if you can’t afford it.

Now, here’s the best part… Wedding Belles Online Readers get a 20% discount on all invites with the CODE: weddingbelles 

Saving the planet, and your wallet in one foul swoop.

Look at you go… 

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