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No, this post is not about a super fab 80’s rock song by Toto. (Even though I  kind of wish it was.)

It’s about china! And tabletop decor! And tumblers!


But really cool china, and tabletop decor, and tumblers.

Generally, I’m a stick to the registry kind of gal. I mean, they go shoot at the shelves fora  reason ladies, it’s usually best to order up what they ask for. HOWEVER, sometimes I do like to stray, but only if the person I’m buying for is someone I love and know inside and out. My mother always says don’t buy art for people you don’t know. I think the same is true of china. I mean, odds are your best friend from high school that oyu haven’t talked to in ten years will probably be able to find a place for a bright yellow bowl, but don’t bet on it.

So if you DO happen to know the bride your buying for better than the average girl on the street and she likes things like Alice and Wonderland and bright colored, whimsical tabletop decor. Shop on… with Rosanna, featured on One Kings Lane today!

These are a few of my favorite things…

Let's Play House Gift Box $49

A child-like tea set perfect for grown-ups.

Artist Loft Two-Tiered Tray $19

Mmmm… cake.

Set of 4 "La Mer" Tumblers $49

Seaside tumbling…

Red Dot Tea Pot $19

Mad Hatteresque and happy about it…

Set of 4 Italiana Pasta bowls $22

That’s amore…

So this year seems to be the year of the shower… I know that normally that gets followed up with the wedding, but I have so many this year that I can’t attend because they all seem to fall on the same day! So my attention has turned to the showers. I received an invite in the mail yesterday for a Bridal Shower Tea down in Tennessee. No joke. Adorably rhymey right?

So I started thinking about the Bridal Shower Tea and what a cute idea it is. Well Martha thinks so too… I mean why wouldn’t she. It’s  not for everyone, but if your bride falls a little more conservative, loves her tradition and seriously enjoys her tea, this is a really lovely and unique shower option.  Here are some easy DIY ideas to spruce up your bridal shower tea!



Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Martha says…

In addition to bringing your gift for the lovely bride-to-be, Martha suggests asking each guest to bring an antique tea cup to the shower for the bride to eventually use in the many tea parties with eclectic non-matching tabletop parties she will throw once she’s hitched.

I say…

In theory- it’s a great idea if you have room for 50 or so antique tea cups. Otherwise, maybe the bridesmaids can go flea market/thrift store shopping and find some mismatched tea cups that can double as party centerpieces and keepsakes down the line. 



Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Martha says…

New or vintage, the containers are inexpensive and easy to find at specialty-food stores, tag sales, and online auctions. Test tins to make sure they’re watertight before filling with single-flower arrangements. If any do leak, use plastic bags as liners.

I say…

Great idea. Especially for casual backyard showers or summer time showers that allow for mismatched wild flower arrangements.



Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart
Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Martha says…

Buy loose tea in bulk. Trim the tops of tea bags (available where loose tea is sold, this is by T-sac) with scalloping scissors, and fill with one teaspoon of tea. Tie with baker’s twine. Print a message onto card stock, and cut out. Punch a hole, thread onto twine, and knot.

I say…

Genius. I love it. You can buy loose tea just about anywhere and if you want to add a little extra personalization and you have access to an amazingly talented friend,  calligraphy  the tags instead of printing them.




Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Martha says…

Make some homemade cookies and place them in labeled jars. This way, your guests can choose their favorites. Set out glassine-lined bags and seals for packaging cookies to go.

I say…

Brilliant again. You can find cheap ribbon to decorate at raft store sales or fabric stores.

Hello lovelies! So, last weekend we packed up our bows and headed west across the great ( and seriously full of cows) state of Pennsylvania, to Pittsburgh for an impromptu Bridal Shower for my friend E! It was a long trip, but we managed to make it pretty damn fun. It was a really wonderful bridal luncheon that was short but very sweet. I wanted to share a couple of really cute ideas from this shower with you all…

Bridal Shower Centerpieces


Keeping things simple, the Bride-to-Be’s MOH used gerber daisies as centerpieces (which also doubled as prizes in the games) and surrounded each plant with adorable and USEFUL (keyword) favors. The bride, E is very into photos and so picture frames made sense and were made very personal with pink and yellow ribbons and a sweet little poem in multi- colored paper inside.

The poem below:
“(Bride’s Name) is becoming a bride & soon (Groom’s Name) will be by her side. Let’s shower her with love and cheers and wish her luck in the coming years!”



The MOH put a little sticker on the underside of one frame on each table. The person who had that sticker won the centerpiece. Nice and Easy. One down.

Everyone got one piece of paper with a list of famous people (Fred Flinstone, Lucille Ball, Zac Efron etc.)  and a blank next to each. We had roughly a minute to fill out the list with their respective significant other. This game is pretty simple and you’d be surprised how many names you can’t come up with on the spot. Keep the time down to limit prizes.

Another piece of paper… easy enough no one has to get up… with a list of “I Love You” in lots of different languages. Guests have to write down next to each one what language they think it is. Countdown from the total for a winner. (Did anyone get all 20 right, 19, 18? etc.) to find winners. This is an especially good game to do if the couple has done lots of traveling or somehow can be tied back to the couple. ALWAYS try to do that. It just make it that much better.

You saw the other version of this game which I posted at my friend J’s Bridal Shower. But for this version, you list, on another piece of paper, questions about the bride (What’s her favorite season? How many schools has she attended? How did the couple meet?) and countdown again from the total to find winners. In theory the bride’s mother and family should have a little bit of an advantage here, but again… you’d be surprised.

 Congrats E! 


My wonderful friend Jenn is getting married this summer to her college sweetheart, and last weekend we threw her a shower in Kennebunkport, Maine. For those of you who haven’t looked at a map since 5th grade, Maine is not exactly close to New York. But, after just a little bit of travel, the weekend turned out to be one of the best in awhile. We all joked that Jenn picked us to be her bridesmaids not because she loves us, which she does, but because she knew that with all our powers combined shit would get done.

And done it did. Good times in Maine last weekend, minus the rain. Here are some ideas I wanted to share from cute little seed personalized seed packet favors and menu cards to amazing chocolate centerpieces and strata. Yes, Strata. It’s pretty darn good. The love goes into the details. I think we had the best damn bridal shower prizes on the east coast. Who doesn’t love getting matching wine glasses and a bottle of deliciously alcoholic vino to take home?

Jenn & Jason, who also happen to be featured in this month’s Modern Bride in an article called, “Divine Inspiration,” are incorporating sunflowers into their wedding, so we wanted to do the same thing at the shower.

I found these personalized Sunflower Seed packets that we tied with yellow raffia online, and placed in front of each place setting.

One of the other bridesmaids who is also simultaneously planning HER wedding made these adorable chocolate sunflower lollipop centerpieces. She literally melted the chocolate, and poured them into sunflower molds and added sticks. Super cute. Plus everyone got to take one when they left!

We also made individual menu cards, which sounds like a lot of work, but really totally worth it. Putting the effort into the details makes a difference. We printed everything on translucent paper and then pasted them onto card stock with alternating yellow and green polka dot ribbon.

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