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Ok my little wanderlusters, listen up. Traveling is amazing. But sometimes it’s not. And what better way to make your travel mishaps worth it than by entering to win  a “dream trip” to make up for the bad one right?

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding, honeymoon, or bachelorette party weekend… this is for you. Enter Travel Guard’s “World’s Unluckiest  Traveler” contest, and turn your travel woes into a $10,000 dream vacation.

Super easy. Go to Travel Guard, upload a video, or a series of photos that show just how terrible your vacation was. Share your stories, and read and watch others and vote on your favorites.The one thing I know about traveling, is just about anything you plan goes out the window, so I know you have some stories up your sleeves ladies.

Book your honeymoon during the rainy season? Bachelorette party gone bad at a beachside bungalow? Rental Car disaster with your underage cousin Bob? Write it down. Take some photos or video tape the misery for your chance to win.

Check out entry # 7 and #261 at, for a horrifying honeymoon experience and a mother of the bride disaster!

You can enter all year long, and each month, Travel Guard will give away two Flip UltraHDTM camcorders – one to the entry that receives the most votes, and one to a random person who votes for the winning entry. At the end of the year, each of the monthly winners will be posted for a final round of voting to decide who wins the $10,000 travel grand prize ultimate dream vacation.

Sounds like a win- win to me kids.


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