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While monogramming is often left to the popped collar, prepster brigade I have to say, for bridesmaid gifts, and for wedding gifts, it’s kind of a nice thing to do. Not that the person you’re gifting is going to forget their own initials, but it’s just a little bit more fun than boring old registry gifts.  You can still buy them what they want on their registry, just add something personalized to make it more personal

Plus, monogrammed “stuff” turns into a great “possession to pass down”. Didn’t you know your unborn children are actually interested in crystal goblets with scripted initials on them.  They are.

Here are some of my favorite monogrammed swag for bridesmaids, guests and the bride-and groom-to- be.

  $14.99 Palm Gifts

I LOVE these coozies. First of all, you can monogram them and second of all you can pick your fabric. How great is that!? They’re so cute! Include them in welcome baskets, bridesmaid bags or hand them out at a casual BBQ style rehearsal dinner for guests to use.   They also make great shower and bachelorette party favors!  These are $14.00 from Palm Gifts.


 $18.00 Palm Gifts

So I don’t know how many people still use sleep masks. It’s kind of an indulgence that disappeared in the 80’s, but something tells me there’s a market… particularly on the Upper East side, but maybe… just maybe… it’s one of those things you would never be caught dead buying for yourself… but wouldn’t mind getting from someone else. These are adorable, and again you can personalize the fabric and the script. They would go perfectly in a bridesmaid swag bag for a bachelorette getaway, or in welcome baskets for guests for a small intimate wedding.  They are $18 from Palm Gifts.


 $20.00 at Palm Gifts

$10-$15 at Williams Sonoma

These are super cute and very practical. Not that bottles of wine should be left unfinished, but in case they ever are, these wooden wine-stoppers from The Palm Gifts, and sterling silver ones from Williams Sonom, with personalized initials are the perfect way to save some for later. pair them with stemless wine glasses and a corkscrew as a shower gift. They also make great bridesmaid gifts with a nice bottle of wine and a pair of monogrammed glasses. (See below)


 $16 for a Box of 10 Cards at The Palm Gifts

These are perfect to give as a bridesmaid gift with a beautiful pen, or stationary set. They are also a really great shower gift for the bride-to-be. Have her new initials monogrammed on the note cards and give them with a beautiful photo album, or desk set.

 $34 at The Palm Gifts

 $99 at Williams Sonoma

Perfect for the culinary loves in your life. Monogrammed cutting board would make a great shower gift for a bride-to-be along with a nice set of monogrammed knives from Williams- Sonoma, an adorable monogrammed apron and a fabulous cook book. 


 $54 for a Set of 4 at Williams-Sonoma 

$38 for a set of 2 from Williams-Sonoma


 $30- $85 Silver Plated Jewelry Box from Pottery Barn

This is a great bridesmaid gift. Put matching necklaces or earrings to be worn the day of the wedding inside and hand these beautiful silver boxes out at the rehearsal dinner. Your bridesmaids will thank you.

For the Guys:

 $34.00 Monogrammed Golf Balls at Red Envelope

For the groomsman who loves to golf, these monogrammed golf balls from Red Envelope are a great gift, especially when they’re paired with silver or brass finished golf club links, also from Red Envelope.

 $40 – $60 at Red Envelope  $40-$60 at Red Envelope


 Special- $48- $58 at Red Envelope

This nickel-plated, monogrammed humidor is perfect for groomsmen who like to light up from time to time. Cedar lined, this stogie home is perfect storage for a couple of cubans… Make it a really nice gift and add the cigars before you give them the box.


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