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Alright, so I know you all luvvvvvv the color inspiration posts, and I really haven’t done one in awhile. It is hard to kind of figure out what colors best represent you and how you want your special day to come together. So The Knot, has this super fab Color combos page that gives you ideas to start with. I pulled out some of my favorites. Colors  you wouldn’t necessarily think would go together, but look oh so chic and fun when it’s all said and done.

Pink & Grey

Mint Blue & Rose

Pink & Khaki

Orange & Hot Pink

Whtie, Dark Green & Light Green

Purple & Charcoal

Ok soooo you all saw the Brother’s and Sister’s Wedding before the holiday hiatus right? Ok maybe not all of you did, but I did, and the Walker girls were sporting some lovely and non matchy match printed bridesmaid dresses. Which got the sisters in my house thinking a little bit… printed bridesmaid dresses. Kind of awesome. Oh, and Glamour has dubbed it a “Trend Alert” so we think it might be something worth mentioning… Mix it up though. Prints, solids, a whole bunch of different dresses in the same color scheme. We love it all.

Wine & Roses Pleated Dress $235 from Amanda Archer- Etsy

Wine & Roses Pleated Dress $235 from Amanda Archer- Etsy

Izzy Full- Length $480 by Thread

Muse Cutaway Sheath Dress- Nordstrom $148

Ashley Blossom Print by Thread $480

Stephanie Shift by Lilly Pulitzer $168

Or just do it in small ways… like at your feet. These printed shoes from David’s Bridal are great for a simple and solid colored dress that needs just a touch of fun.

Ross Mantle for the New York Times

I’m your classic Irish/Italian mutt. Kitchen traditions a mile long.

Ham on Easter, Seven different kinds of fish on Christmas Eve, Lasagna on Christmas day, Pizza frite, and lupines at the summer church bazaar and cookies, lots and lots of cookies at every single party you will ever attend.

Especially weddings.

It just went with the territory.

Wedding cake, yes.  But cookies… cookies for days at every wedding I ever attended growing up.

I was wrong. It’s not just us.

According to The New York Times, and my own first hand sources, the mammoth cookie tables aren’t just for the Italians. Over the years, Pittsburgh has made a name for itself as the cookie table capital.

Who knew?

With sometimes weeks of preparation, the bride’s family bakes thousands of cookies for the wedding, creating a tradition based more on your neighborhood, than your last name  Read more here.

You know I love me some vintage. Well Lisa Marie over at Orange & Blossom has a whole bunch of vintage inspired product waiting to get snatched up. Here are some of my favorites…

Dusty Pink Lovebirds Feather Cake Topper & Decor $30

*Vintage* 1950s Small Champagne Essentials Bridal Clutch from Japan $28

*Vintage* Mini Bride & Groom Cake or Cupcake Topper from Japan $40

Flower-Shaped Cherry Blossoms Japanese Parasol $75

Are you ready for this? It’s pretty amazing. Ok- by now you should know Randi Voss, photographer extraordinaire and her amazing work on so many of our featured Real Weddings here. Not only does she shoot pretty spectacular weddings, she has a little added bonus that she just started offering up to clients as well. The ShotBox. Imagine a photobooth (my fav) on crack.  Way more people, way more creative poses, and way more fun. The result- is super amusing and super fun for guests at weddings. Couples, like Erin & Michael, are using Voss’s ShotBox in lieu of a guest book at weddings.

Saying that guests seemed to enjoy it… is a serious understatement.

Erin & Michael opted for props at their wedding, even throwing Erin’s veil into the mix, but Voss has said they are totally unnecessary and sometimes even make for a better picture sans hats and accessories. That means you have to get more creative kids.

Check out the ShotBox pictures below from photographer Randi Voss from Erin & Michael’s wedding. It’s definitely something worth adding to you reception. I mean… it’s a really good time.

Trust me. I lived it.

For more information on Randi Voss and this new Shotbox wedding trend- check out Erin & Michael’s wedding shots here and also more information on Randi Voss Photography and her stellar ShotBox here.

Erin's Winter Wedding Inspiration Board- SMP Style Circle

My darling friend Erin is getting married in late November at a ski resort in Maryland. Her wedding colors started as green, black and white and then traded the green   for the red in order to match her fiance’s dress blues. (He’s in the army). So now, she’s sticking with winter whites, black damask patterns and hints of red. Personally I’m pushing for red shoes. If you can’t wear them on your wedding day…

Besides… a little bit of surprise is good for the soul.

Here’s the inspiration board I created on the SMP (Style Me Pretty) Style Circle for Erin’s wintry wedding in Maryland. Click here to read more on my Style Circle blog about Erin’s wedding here.

Summer Garden Inspiration Board- SMP Style Circle

My friend Caitlin is getting married next June in the beautiful botanical gardens outside of Chicago. I mean could you ask for a better backdrop. Please. Anyway, I’ve been playing around with the Inspiration boards on the Style Me Pretty (SMP) Style Circle and this is the board I created for Caitlin. Originally she had started with navy and yellow as her base colors. Whatever she ends up going with is going to be elegant and easy, just like her. Check out what I had to say about Caitlin’s upcoming wedding and the inspiration behind her beautiful summer garden wedding here

Oh. my god.

I’ve died.


I cannot explain how much I adore Merrilee Liddiard’s whole entire world.

I love this so much that my whole entire WED Favorites post today, is all about her.

My friend Shauna who works with me in my “real life day-time job” sent me this magical link, of Merilee, who moonlights as a pretty amazing illustrator.

I clicked on the link, where I subsequently died.


Look. Not many people these days can pull off amazingly crafty and cool well. Ok so I don’t even know where to start. First, her illustrations are amazing. Her line drawings of couples are my absolute fave, WHICH, she has parlayed into super fab wedding gifts. Seriously how awesome is that? Best wedding gift ever. She even has an ETSY STORE! Hooray! I love Etsy.

Josh & Lauren

Gemma & James

This photo was just after she gave her best friend Angie’s husband Jonathon a sneak peak at their wedding gift- a customized portrait. The actual portrait is below.

Merilee Portraits

Angie & Jonathon

Also, and I don’t know if miss Merilee would do this, but it’s probably worth asking if Save the Date’s are possible as well with these super fab couple drawings.

Ok moving on. So little to see, with so much time. Strike that. Reverse it.

Fabulous hostess she is. Check out this Moody Mod Tea time party she threw, with all the amazing details.

Moody Mod Tea Time

Ready… the tablecloth is Ikea fabric, and the fabric banner is all vintage fabric she sewed together herself. Love.

But the absolute best part… is these crazy invitations. DIY- Easy peezy.


Moody Mod Tea Time Invitations

Cut out a little fabric tape, and sewing a stitch across the invite. Plus it doesn’t hurt it your everyday handwriting is this amazing…

DIY Invites...

Easy Peezy Invites...

Ok so clearly I think Merilee’s work is insanely amazing. She’s also super fabulous, and her husband and two boys are totally charming and vintage. I love it. Check out all of her amazing work at her blog here, and her illustrators work here.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE wedding photography, and really good wedding photography blows my mind. In some previous life I think this was my destiny, so I make it my business to meet and greet as many wonderful photographers as I can. These days wedding photographers have so much more to offer than your standard church photos, and the latest trend is seriously hot.

Boudoir photos are the hottest trend in wedding photography. Think sexpot, pin-up, Moulin Rouge… whatever you envision, wedding photographers are bringing it to life.

Personally, I think this is an amazing addition to your world ladies! I think every girl should bring that sexy back for herself, and her hubby. Whether it’s a single shot as a pre-wedding gift for your soon-to-be husband or an artistic book of sexy photos for  your first anniversary, this is a gift he definitely won’t forget.

Randi Voss, one of my favorite and totally talented wedding photographers started offering up Boudoir Sessions to bride’s and works with each individual client to create exactly what she’s looking for in the session.

“Beforehand, I take the time to send the model some clothing suggestions or talk with her on the phone about what she wants and expects from the session.” Randi said. She also recommends hair & makeup for the session to make sure the “I feel pretty” effect really comes through in the photos. Who doesn’t want to get all dolled up for a little sexpot session? I mean. Let’s be honest. Even if you aren’t the kind of girl who flirts with an above the knee hemline from time to time, these photos are for you and your hubby’s eyes only, not for your downstairs powder room, so there’s nothing to blush at.

When you’re looking for a photographer to “step out of the box with,” make sure that you feel comfortable with them. If you don’t, it’s definitely going to show.

“I ask her what she wants me to focus on (and what she wants me to hide.)  The sessions are always a little rocky for the first 10 minutes.  You never know how comfortable someone is going to be in this situation.  After the first few shots, I’ll show my model an image on my camera’s LCD screen so she can make any adjustments she wants.  Then, smooth sailing.” said Randi.

The other great thing about Randi. She opts out of Photoshop on these shots. She believes that true beauty doesn’t come with point and click photoshop, so why should these images. I love this actually. While I think some people would be all for “hiding” whatever your least favorite parts about you are, the truth is, your guy is marrying you for all of you, not the photo shopped version of you. So relax, strip down to your skivvies and ENJOY it and it will make for some super hot, and super fun photos.

Here are a few sample shots from Randi. Special thanks to these BEAUTIFUL brides-to-be for sharing their sessions with us! For more information on what to expect from a Boudoir session check out The Knot’s take on this sexy new trend.

Photo Courtesy of Randi Voss

Photo Courtesy of Randi Voss

Photo Courtesy of Randi Voss

Photo Courtesy of Randi Voss

Photo Courtesy of Randi Voss

Photo Courtesy of Randi Voss

Photo Courtesy of Rand Voss

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