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You know how some people get really excited at Christmas? Yeah… I get that way when my favorite photographers send me incredible destination weddings from places like Turks & Caicos, and Nicaragua. Hello magical.

Yes. Stellar photographer Cindy Johnson is really, really amazing, and somehow always gets to go and shoot these incredible destination weddings. Seriously, what memo did I miss to have this not be my life? Sigh.

I was going to wait and show you these, but I can’t. I can’t, I’m just too excited! I’m just going to tease you with a little bit of heavenly wedding candy,  you only get three, and then you have to  go to bed and wait … Stay tuned.

Photo Courtesy of Photographer Cindy Johnson

Photo Courtesy of Photographer Cindy Johnson

Photo Courtesy of photographer Cindy Johnson

So one of my favorite photographers, Randi Voss spent the last week in Hawaii.

“Doing what,” you may ask.

Shooting this beautiful, amazing, magical wedding.


This is her job.


More to come.

Hooray for Spring! Sigh. I’m so happy to share this beautiful SPRING engagement session from Erin J. Photography. Nothing says spring like D.C. cherry blossoms in bloom, and Hillary and her fiance Lee took full advantage of this beautiful backdrop for their super sweet engagement session in D.C. before they set off with 50 of their closest friends and family to Riviera Maya, Mexico for their destination wedding.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE wedding photography, and really good wedding photography blows my mind. In some previous life I think this was my destiny, so I make it my business to meet and greet as many wonderful photographers as I can. These days wedding photographers have so much more to offer than your standard church photos, and the latest trend is seriously hot.

Boudoir photos are the hottest trend in wedding photography. Think sexpot, pin-up, Moulin Rouge… whatever you envision, wedding photographers are bringing it to life.

Personally, I think this is an amazing addition to your world ladies! I think every girl should bring that sexy back for herself, and her hubby. Whether it’s a single shot as a pre-wedding gift for your soon-to-be husband or an artistic book of sexy photos for  your first anniversary, this is a gift he definitely won’t forget.

Randi Voss, one of my favorite and totally talented wedding photographers started offering up Boudoir Sessions to bride’s and works with each individual client to create exactly what she’s looking for in the session.

“Beforehand, I take the time to send the model some clothing suggestions or talk with her on the phone about what she wants and expects from the session.” Randi said. She also recommends hair & makeup for the session to make sure the “I feel pretty” effect really comes through in the photos. Who doesn’t want to get all dolled up for a little sexpot session? I mean. Let’s be honest. Even if you aren’t the kind of girl who flirts with an above the knee hemline from time to time, these photos are for you and your hubby’s eyes only, not for your downstairs powder room, so there’s nothing to blush at.

When you’re looking for a photographer to “step out of the box with,” make sure that you feel comfortable with them. If you don’t, it’s definitely going to show.

“I ask her what she wants me to focus on (and what she wants me to hide.)  The sessions are always a little rocky for the first 10 minutes.  You never know how comfortable someone is going to be in this situation.  After the first few shots, I’ll show my model an image on my camera’s LCD screen so she can make any adjustments she wants.  Then, smooth sailing.” said Randi.

The other great thing about Randi. She opts out of Photoshop on these shots. She believes that true beauty doesn’t come with point and click photoshop, so why should these images. I love this actually. While I think some people would be all for “hiding” whatever your least favorite parts about you are, the truth is, your guy is marrying you for all of you, not the photo shopped version of you. So relax, strip down to your skivvies and ENJOY it and it will make for some super hot, and super fun photos.

Here are a few sample shots from Randi. Special thanks to these BEAUTIFUL brides-to-be for sharing their sessions with us! For more information on what to expect from a Boudoir session check out The Knot’s take on this sexy new trend.

Photo Courtesy of Randi Voss

Photo Courtesy of Randi Voss

Photo Courtesy of Randi Voss

Photo Courtesy of Randi Voss

Photo Courtesy of Randi Voss

Photo Courtesy of Randi Voss

Photo Courtesy of Rand Voss

Here are some beautiful photos that the Future Mrs. H from Think Happy Thoughts sent over of her and her soon-to-be hubby. The photos are from the seriously talented Brandon and Susan Cook of Addilay Photography. AMAZING. Enjoy! And check out the future Mrs. H’s blog here. Of course when the soon-to-be Mrs. H ties the knot we’ll get you an update and plenty of beautiful photos to go with it! Enjoy!

Photo Courtesy of Addilay Photography

Photo Courtesy of Addilay Photography

Photo Courtesy of Addilay Photography

Photo Courtesy of Addilay Photography

Photo Courtesy of Addilay Photography

Photo Courtesy of Addilay Photography

Ohhhh… there’s something magical about a Brooklyn Bride. This wedding comes to us from the fabulous, fabulous photographer Cindy Johnson. (She photographed Rocco & Larah’s wedding in paradise) Her work is perfection. She captures details and moments that couples must be so happy to frame forever… This wedding is proof that when the weather doesn’t agree, something wonderful can come out of it! 

Love on West 4th St.

Hand in Hand...

From the bride… “Brooklyn is a very special place for us. I met my husband there at a bar in 2005. We also got engaged on the Brooklyn Promenade overlooking the Manhattan Skyline, and shared our first apartment there together. My mother’s family also hails from Brooklyn.  In fact, my maternal grandparents had their first date at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. So naturally we chose to get married at the River Café which is a beautiful restaurant in DUMBO located right under the Brooklyn Bridge. We got married on the deck outside the Terrace room with the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan as the backdrop.” 


Ceremony Laughs...

Love in Brooklyn...

Proof. That rain on your wedding day can look be beautiful and magical.


From the bride… “Our wedding was very small so we tried to personalize it as much as possible. We wrote our own vows, personal messages to each other, and most of the ceremony.  My mother and I designed the Brooklyn themed table cards and our favors were chocolate cookies shaped like the Brooklyn Bridge.  A close family friend of ours who owns a flower and garden store in Connecticut did our flowers, and a close friend of mine, accompanied by a guitarist sang our first dance song and during the ceremony. ” 


Reception Decor

From the bride… “We had decent weather for the outdoor ceremony but then there were torrential downpours for the rest of the day.  At first I was sad because our outdoor photo shoot around DUMBO was canceled. However, the rain turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to us because we had the idea to take pictures in the subway instead.  It was very wet and kind of a mess but we had a blast. People taking the subway were so shocked to see us there.  They thought we were shooting for a magazine or something. We were laughing the entire time and have received so many compliments on the pictures.”  

Waiting for the L Train

Heading Uptown...

From the bride on her photographer… “Our photographer, Cindy Johnson was so terrific for agreeing to brave the rain-drenched subway with us. She was so energetic and fun to have around and the pictures came out beautifully. ” 

Subway Love...

When it comes to wedding invitations, I’m a pretty big proponent of the real deal. However… in today’s eco-friendly, socially aware world of  “green” weddings…
a girls gotta have options. And we have DISCOUNTED options for you ladies…

When I first heard about the possibility of the digital invitation, I had my doubts. It’s kind of like how I feel about the Kindle. I want to like it, but there’s something about holding a real book in your hand.

There’s still something lovely and romantic about getting an over sized envelope in your mailbox. (one and a time)

But I have to say… I was dead wrong. I checked out My Invitation Link and was completely blown away.

These are AMAZING.

It’s so easy. You pick the music, the template and the photos and click send. There are countless templates to choose from and these invitations will NOT set you back. you can add text to tell the story of how you met, information on your special day and more! 

With your paid account you can create save the date cards, invitations, announcements, even thank you cards. 

(Although I’d still send a handwritten thank you)

 As a subscriber you have the option of having your invitations and announcements hosted for three, six, or twelve months. Prices range from $39 for three months, $59 for six months and $79 for one year.

You can change the music, pictures or template in that time and you can send it to as many people as you can afford to invite!

*Remember it’s still an invitation… watch your budget and don’t invite everyone you know if you can’t afford it.

Now, here’s the best part… Wedding Belles Online Readers get a 20% discount on all invites with the CODE: weddingbelles 

Saving the planet, and your wallet in one foul swoop.

Look at you go… 

Yes… there are more.  I just couldn’t narrow them down. They’re just too beautiful. Here are some more FABULOUS photos from Rocco & Larah’s San Juan del Sur Nicaragua, wedding reception from Cindy Johnson

Reception- San Juan Del Sur


From the lovely bride…“Eventually we all went down to the restaurant for the reception, which featured seafood pasta, beef tenderloin, and grilled mahi-mahi.  We heard great speeches over both a champagne and tequila toast.”


Entering the Reception


Cigar Rolling and Tequila Shots


From the bride…“Then it was time for dancing!  I danced with my father to Guns N Roses Sweet Child Of Mine.  We topped off the night with non-stop dancing until finally I donned a white bikini, stripped down the groom, and most of the wedding party found themselves in the pool. 

“Overall, the wedding was a complete fairy-tale for us and our guests.  We were skeptical about a destination wedding in a developing country, but in the end we could never have done better in the US.  It was more magical and the staff at the resort did a better job than we ever imagined.  I would do it again in a heartbeat, and feel that our entire wedding was one of the highlight of my life so far!”




Water Dancing...

Into the Pool

Thank you again to Cindy Johnson for her AMAZING Photos! To check out more of her beautiful work check out her website!

Here are some more beautiful photos from Rocco & Larah’s San Juan del Sur Nicaragua paradise wedding, courtesy of the very talented Cindy Johnson


Rocco & Larah

From the beautiful bride… “At 5:00, it was time for the sunset ceremony on a deck overlooking the bay.  Our close mutual friends married us in a beautiful ceremony and then we all posed for group pictures as a guitar and violin duo serenaded us.  This was followed by cocktails as night fell.”

Rocco & Larah

Group Shot

This Real Wedding was sent to me from fabulous wedding photographer Cindy Johnson!   These are just some of the amazing photos from Rocco and Larah’s beautiful paradise wedding in San Juan, del Sur Nicaragua. Cindy also did up a killer video that I’m going to share with you too!

Rocco and Larah met in optometry school. So cute. While they were there, they took several trips to Nicaragua together for medical missions. Once they got engaged, they decided to return to the resort where they had spent so much time in the past, to get married!

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Johnson Photography

From the lovely bride… “Our wedding in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua was hailed by most guests as truly the “best wedding ever.”  One guest even commented that it seemed as though we were all in a movie. The week of  February 14,  71 guests, including ourselves traveled to a small fishing town in Southwest Nicaragua, near the Costa Rican border.  Most of us stayed at Piedras y Olas Resort, one of nicest resorts in the entire country.  The resort features private villas built into a hill, overlooking the entire town and the bay.”

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Johnson Photography

From the bride… “The festivities began with a welcome dinner at a local restaurant on the beach on Friday night. On Saturday morning I hosted a spa luncheon and both mothers,  my sister in-laws and matron of honor had fun getting mani/pedis and our hair done while sipping mimosas. In the afternoon, Rocco and I spent an hour on the beach with our photographer taking fun photos on the beach and in the local streets.”

Photo's courtesy of Cindy Johnson

Rocco and Larah


Rocco & Larah


Rocco & Larah

More photo’s to come!

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