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They’re back. Raise your hand if you and your girlfriends are kicking off your bachelorette party with the new SATC2 movie.

Right, everyone.

Yay! SATC2! More of Carrie & Co.,more of Mr. Big, and AIDAN!

Sorry. I’m pretty pumped about Aidan.

Honestly, when I first saw the trailer for the new SATC movie during the previews of Valentine’s Day (yeah I know. I went for Julia, NOT Taylor Swift, who I hate now because she stole my TV boyfriend, and butchered her duet with Stevie Nicks. Stop flipping your hair around and sing little girl, sing! She can’t. It’s not her fault.)

I digress.

Anyway… when I saw it, I told you, 100 women gasped at once and sucked all the oxygen out of the room, and the men let out a collective groan. The only thing I came away with was, “WTF are they doing on camels?”

BUT NOW… it’s getting closer. It’s like jumping on the October baseball bandwagon when the Red Sox actually make it to the World Series! Do it! I can’t help myself. That, and I walked by Bergdorf’s today on my way to work, and OMG. I can’t wait!

SATC2 theme windows


As Rachel Zoe would say, “oh my god… I die.” And I did.

So if you’re planning a SATC party to welcome back the ladies, here’s some fun plans to kick it off. First, from one of my super fav blogs Hostess with the Mostess, SATC printables! Napkin rings, cupcake toppers, perfect for the cosmos cupcakes! See below… delish.

SATC2 theme parties

Courtesy of Hostess with the Mostess

And if those cupcakes weren’t enough, check out these adorable Lily-inspired cupcakes from Jen over at Second City Soiree. These are too cute. You know in the trailor, when Lily turns and lays her red frosted fingers on Charlotte’s white skirt… GASP. These are just too cute for words. Oh, and Jen has super cute SATC2 printables on her site too. Check them out!

SATC2 theme party

Photo courtesy of Second City Soiree

And finally… what’s a party without some cocktails. The ladies of SATC2 would more than likely get carried away with cosmos, but why not some bubbly? Check out these super fun character inspired champagne cocktails from Jeanne Benedict over at If you’re not into the bubbly, check out Charlotte’s Chocolatini, Samantha Stinger, and Carrie’s Wedding White Cosmo

Whatever you decide to do, wear something fabulous and enjoy being with your best girl friends, while we wait and see what the fab four are up to in the second SATC2 installment.

Just a little something to get you even more excited then you already are!

Love me some hair froof. Gotta love Daily Candy for setting up Swirl, yet another wonderful Sample Sale shopping site… Sigh. Love it. Today’s deal… Created by L.A. stylists, and modeled here by your very own Blondie Blair. Betcha can’t buy just one…


Gossip Girl

Ban. Do at Swirl Daily Candy's Sample Sale Site

Headband with Giant Rose $79

Black Leaf Headband $59

Look who fell down the rabbit hole and stumbled across these super fab Wonderland inspired wedding ideas on today. My sister is OBSESSED with all things Alice, and there is something pretty magical about taking the whimsy out of Wonderland and applying all that eccentric design inspiration to your very special day.

Forgo flowers and carry a bouquet of brooches instead. With an eccentric Wonderland wedding there’s nothing traditional about it, so make it as fun as you can with a flower bouquet substitute like this one by

Photo Courtesy of

Opt in on whimsy on the invitation front too with these dreamlike invitations

Photo Courtesy of

Channel you’re inner Mad Hatter, and forgo matchy-matchy on your tables, and instead use a little bit of everything from  flea market finds to your grandma’s china cabinet for that super zany look.

Photo courtesy of

Stay with those mis-matched colors when it comes to the cake, and pick something that’s totally out there, like this one from The Cake Girls.

Photo Courtesy of

I love this. So cute. This is how two literary book worms get engaged. Adorable.

Congratulations to Rachel Evans, a bookseller at the King’s English, Salt Lake City, Utah, and her boyfriend, poetry aficionado Joey Heath, who recently became engaged at the store. With help from some other staffers, Heath asked Evans to find a book for him in the literary nonfiction room–a book that held an engagement ring. The store will host a reception for the couple this fall on the patio.

The Oscars were last night, and as much as I wanted them to be funny because of Alec and Steve, those SNL, stand-up, It’s Complicated heavyweights, it sucked.  The only good things about last night were NPH’s opening song, Sandy’s acceptance speech, George Clooney’s faces, and SJP’s dress. That girl does not disappoint. And there was Matthew, a prop basking in the glow from SJP’s super awesome dress.  At least Ferris got a few words in during the John Hughes tribute.
“Hey Ferris, is today you’re day off?”
Oh, look, Matthew made a funny.
Maggie, Rachel McAdams and Sandra looked beautiful. There were some looks I could have done without, namely Jennifer Lopez’s left hip…

Ok. If you didn’t already drag your sweet heart,  best friend, or cube mate to see Valentine’s Day on Sunday and you’re still planning on seeing it, then go away.  I’m going to ruin this entire movie for you.

You’ve been warned.

Ok, so you all know how much I love going to the movies in NYC. It’s pretty ridiculous. Valentine’s Day was totally sold out, and there was only one Fandango kiosk open for the 9,782 people who were waiting to print their tickets. Why didn’t you print your ticket at home, you ask? Well we did, but then somehow it managed to stay on the fridge, while we were getting off the subway at Herald Square. That’s an oops.

Got seats, albeit in the last row of the front “tilt your head back, recline and enjoy Bradley Cooper 30 feet high in front of your face” seats. totally not complaining by the way. It sounded like there was some serious chatterpants happening up top half way through, and I’m glad I wasn’t a part of that.

Previews. Want to know what happens when the Sex and the City 2 preview comes on in a movie theater on Valentine’s Day? It starts as low muffled noises, then sporadic shrieking, and then the air got sucked out of the room as every single girl in that theater gasped when they realized it was in fact THE SEQUEL TO SEX AND THE CITY! At that very same moment, every guy in that theater groaned in pain, and let their heads fall back on their chairs. Collectively. I was impressed.

Hey, I’m excited. I’ll admit it. I’m pretty excited. Although… what the hell are they doing in the desert… on camels. Really SATC? Really?

Anyway, on to the movie, directed by Pretty Woman, director Garry Marshall. Predictable. Sweet. Filled with super attractive men (and women) most notably Topher Grace, who is welcome in my life any day of the week, Mc Dreamy (Patrick Dempsey), who we all loved to hate in this one, McSteamy (Eric Dane), who is pretty darn wonderful in this, and FANTASTIC to look at, and of course Cooper. Love Bradley Cooper.

Now. I have to say it was better than I thought it was going to be.  The Jennifer Garner/Ashton Kutcher storyline was cute, as was the Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel line. I think Jessica Alba’s annoying, but maybe that was the point here. Taylor Swift, girl plays a damn good crazy. Anne Hathaway and Shirley, super fantastic too.

Here’s what I want to know… does Taylor Swift always make out with boys while  her own music plays in the background?

Also, The best part of the whole movies was at the end of the movie. Julia freakin’ Roberts rocks my world.

The end…

Driver: Miss to your left is Rodeo Drive. Have you ever shopped there?

Julia: I think so, once in the 80’s. They weren’t very nice though. Big mistake. Huge.

That line kept me giggling for an hour after I left.

For that alone Garry Marshall, well done.

APPARENTLY we’re forecasting correctly… again.
Check out the new bridal trend originating on the red carpet that Brides is reporting on from their Wedded Bits blog.

Glamour is the latest magazine maven to dip their hands into the wedding basket. GLAMOUR Weddings has some great topics including the “How to be you best Bridesmaid self,” some super sparkly rings, even a groom’s guide.

It’s worth checking out…

Ok soooo you all saw the Brother’s and Sister’s Wedding before the holiday hiatus right? Ok maybe not all of you did, but I did, and the Walker girls were sporting some lovely and non matchy match printed bridesmaid dresses. Which got the sisters in my house thinking a little bit… printed bridesmaid dresses. Kind of awesome. Oh, and Glamour has dubbed it a “Trend Alert” so we think it might be something worth mentioning… Mix it up though. Prints, solids, a whole bunch of different dresses in the same color scheme. We love it all.

Wine & Roses Pleated Dress $235 from Amanda Archer- Etsy

Wine & Roses Pleated Dress $235 from Amanda Archer- Etsy

Izzy Full- Length $480 by Thread

Muse Cutaway Sheath Dress- Nordstrom $148

Ashley Blossom Print by Thread $480

Stephanie Shift by Lilly Pulitzer $168

Or just do it in small ways… like at your feet. These printed shoes from David’s Bridal are great for a simple and solid colored dress that needs just a touch of fun.

Seriously. I think the world just exploded. MAC, the mind-blowing cosmetic line that I wax poetic about has teemed up with my  girl Lilly Pulitzer, the “pink and green queen” of apparel, stationary and accessories “it” girl, to make magic at the makeup counter with MAC in Lillyland. I don’t really have words for this because I’m just that excited, so just go look around for yourself. My favorites, the Hot n’ Steamy Pink Nail Laquer, the Pearl matte eyeshadow, and the Lip Gelee in “Preppy”. Love, Love, Love. Listen up all you little Lilly Loving prepster with your popped collars. I ask one thing this January of a brand new year.  Put down the baby pink blush, and live a little in Lillyland with MAC. Just try it. You might like it.

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