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Check this out girls! STYLE I do! has all kinds of amazing dresses, gifts and more for brides, grooms and all of the guests on Rue La La right now.

(If you’re not a member, you kind of need to be invited- it’s all exclusive and fun so let me know (comment or email) and I will happily send you an invite to join!)

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Rue La La Bridal Fashion

Rue La La IN STYLE I do! Bridal Fashion

Rue La La IN STYLE I do! Bridal Fashion

Love me some hair froof. Gotta love Daily Candy for setting up Swirl, yet another wonderful Sample Sale shopping site… Sigh. Love it. Today’s deal… Created by L.A. stylists, and modeled here by your very own Blondie Blair. Betcha can’t buy just one…


Gossip Girl

Ban. Do at Swirl Daily Candy's Sample Sale Site

Headband with Giant Rose $79

Black Leaf Headband $59

So a couple of weeks ago, my recently engaged bestie, who you’ve all heard me talk about, made a visit north to the big bad city for some birthday fun. When we realized that J.Crew was having a Weddings & Parties Showcase and sample sale just blocks from my apartment, I casually suggested dropping by for a “quick look”. I knew she wasn’t really interested in doing the whole white dress shopping, but hey, J.Crew has some pretty fab bridesmaid dresses that can double as guest dresses. Plus there were shoes. So we went.

There were probably 4 or 5 rooms just with bridal gowns and dresses, some as low as $200! I was expecting mayhem, but we were probably two of maybe 20 people total there, on Saturday. The sample sale was held at the Flatotel Hotel, 135 W. 52nd St. from February 19 to Sunday, February 21, but they still had A LOT of stock left.

The dresses were beautiful. Simple silhouettes, and beautiful lines, but there’s something not so special about looking at the same style dress stacked 50 deep on the rack. Takes away from the “this is my dress and only my dress” idea. BUT, for $200, you could find a dress that would have been perfect for a beach wedding, a second dress to change into after the formal ceremony comes to an end, or just something in white to trash the next day in a “trash the dress” photo shoot that’s starting to trend with bride’s now.

Aside from the bridal gowns, they did have two rooms of shoes, though digging through the boxes under the table to find my size wasn’t something I was really interested in, especially after they confiscated my coffee at the door. We both tried on a handful of the bridesmaid dresses, which were EVERYWHERE, and very affordable, but sadly, we both left empty-handed. I honestly couldn’t believe it. I thought for sure we would be able to  find SOMETHING… but no.

I think the key to this sample sale ladies… know exactly what you’re looking for. Know your colors, know what style you’re looking for, and take your entire band of ladies with. I think if a bride had led her bridesmaids into that huge rooms with racks and racks of rainbow-colored dresses, she easily would have been able to outfit her entire party in under an hour.

It was a good first step in the planning process. Now if I can only get her to pick a date…

I’m in uber “maid mode” these days, since my bestie got engaged over the holidays! Ya know, magazines, websites,  Say Yes to the Dress marathons. You’ve done it.
She’s the best kind of bride by the way, not wanting to go bananas just yet, but pulling ideas from her fab days as a wedding planner and sort of just posting them up on her internal inspiration board. So, lady, here’s some dress inspiration for you… when you’re ready.

It’s award season… sigh. I love it. Everything that sparkles and shines can be seen on the red carpet every other weekend, and I can’t help but share some of my favorite looks with you. From the Golden Globes, and the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, take a look at some of the hottest looks this season.

Beautiful. Marion Cotilliard in White at the SAG Awards.

Photo Courtesy of Fab Sugar

So the Glee girls… clean up pretty fantastic. Dianna Agron of Glee looking STUNNING. Stunning. Favorite.

Photo courtesy of Fab Sugar

and Lea Michele at the Golden Globes

Photo courtesy of Just Jared

And again… at the SAG Awards.

Photo courtesy of Fab Sugar

Kate Hudson at the Golden Globes

Photo Courtesy of Just Jared

Christina Applegate at the SAG Awards

Photo courtesy of

BEAUTIFUL in blue. Drew Barrymoyre at the SAG Awards.

Photo Courtesy of

Kyra Sedgewick at the SAG Awards.

Photo Courtesy of

So before it was even New Years retail stores were already swapping sweaters for shorts. Seriously. A little early? Maybe. But it’s certainly setting the tone for Spring.  The hot new trend for spring is literally “Tying the Knot”, nautical style.
Get inspired ladies…

Polka Dot Sheath in Deep Blue $79.50

Banana Republic Rayon Striped Dress $98

Nine West Babealish $79

Nine West Babealish $79

Four-chain link bracelet by J.Crew $68

Striped Pursuit Top $98 at Anthropologie

Longing for Yellow Dress $158 at Anthropologie

Ok soooo you all saw the Brother’s and Sister’s Wedding before the holiday hiatus right? Ok maybe not all of you did, but I did, and the Walker girls were sporting some lovely and non matchy match printed bridesmaid dresses. Which got the sisters in my house thinking a little bit… printed bridesmaid dresses. Kind of awesome. Oh, and Glamour has dubbed it a “Trend Alert” so we think it might be something worth mentioning… Mix it up though. Prints, solids, a whole bunch of different dresses in the same color scheme. We love it all.

Wine & Roses Pleated Dress $235 from Amanda Archer- Etsy

Wine & Roses Pleated Dress $235 from Amanda Archer- Etsy

Izzy Full- Length $480 by Thread

Muse Cutaway Sheath Dress- Nordstrom $148

Ashley Blossom Print by Thread $480

Stephanie Shift by Lilly Pulitzer $168

Or just do it in small ways… like at your feet. These printed shoes from David’s Bridal are great for a simple and solid colored dress that needs just a touch of fun.

I haven’t been to a wedding in 3 months. It’s a record. But in a week I get to go to my dear friend E’s wedding at a ski resort in Maryland, and I could not be more excited, and I cannot wait to share everything about it with you all so soon!

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite guest dresses out in stores now. Most of you know I’m not a bag whore kind of girl. No, no. I take my temptations in the form of shoes, (lots and lots of shoes) dresses and coats. It’s bad. By the way… sometimes you can get really amazing dresses that won’t make you shell out you’re entire paycheck, which… is amazing. And sometimes, you have to just suck it up, spend the money and promise yourself to wear it more than once. Enjoy!

Pleated Strapless Dress- Gold $39.99 from Target

Woven Strapless Dress- Plum Point $39.99 for Target

Satin Trim Sheath Dress $152 for Banana Republic

BCBGMAXAZRIA Bubble Dress $129.90 at Nordstrom

Cache Ruched Beaded Satin Sheath Dress $168 at Nordstrom

BCBGMAXAZRIA Faux Two Piece Chiffon & Sateen Dress SALE $118.90 at Nordstrom

Well ladies I have been waiting to blog about some amazing froof, and the day has finally come. The Blue Onion Marketplace is an adorable new online shop that just opened up with full-force. Back in the Spring of this year, I stumbled across Michele (she’s the super fabulous owner at Blue Onion) and her amazing collection of Dulken & Derrick pins. These are THE beautiful silk flowers you see styled on all of the latest fashions for J.Crew.

Well now they’re available for you to style at home. Which is seriously amazing.

Dulken & Derrick is perfect for Fall, and PERFECT for weddings. Pin the corsages to a great jacket, dress or t-shirt and go.

Here are some of my favorite’s

Yellow Parrot Tulip Pin $27.99

Yellow Parrot Tulip Pin $27.99

Soft Blue Gardenia Pin $41.99

Soft Blue Gardenia Pin $41.99

White Peony Vintage Pin $47.99

White Peony Vintage Pin $47.99

Large Butter Poppy Pin $37.99

Large Butter Poppy Pin $37.99

We did a test run with some of these fabulous pieces at Katie & Chris’s Wedding in the Woods. I pinned the Vintage White Peony pin- above- into my friend Shauna’s super simple updo. With her Navy and white dress and…

Shauna with Dulken & Derrick Pin

Total success.

But heed this quick warning ladies… when you’re unpacking that duffle from your weekend away, avoid throwing these amazing pins into the wash. They’ll die. Trust me.

But seriously, these are totally versatile. Pin them on a dress, fasten it to a belt, or bobby pin it into your hair. They’re beautifully made and have a seriously high-end feel. Plus, they’re super affordable.

So The Blue Onion Marketplace also has super fun OTHER things too. I hear the Dulken & Derrick pins, but they also carry Streamline Luggage– which is A-MAZING.  The Editor Series is my favorite… I think. I also really love The Aviator Series. They’re so old Hollywood yet… made in Ireland. I love it.

They also carry Passotti Ombrelli umbrella’s and hats, and have a line of Kate Aspen luggage tags and party favors coming soon!

Now here’s the best part. FREE SHIPPING in SEPTEMBER. Just enter the Code: WELCOME at checkout.

J.Crew Aholics– Aren’t you so excited by this?!?!?

Happy shopping girls!

You’ve all seen Steel Magnolia’s right? If you haven’t, shame on you. Stop what you’re doing and go add it to your Netflix que. Seriously. It’s a classic.

Anyway, in it Julia Roberts character, Shelby gets married with her signature colors, “blush and bashful” and then dons a matching pink suit to head off to her honeymoon. Do people still do this? Cameron Diaz puts on a honeymoon suit at the end of My Best Friend’s Wedding too. I don’t know.

I think there’s something kind of nostalgic and wonderful about the “Going -Away Outfit”.  Newlyweds used to skip the brunch the next day and head out in some classically vintage car into the night.

I’m not sure it happens anymore, except maybe in the south, but I’m really on board with bringing it back.

Carrie opted for a suit for her actual courtroom ceremony to Big in the end… but I’m really left to wonder…

Can you have your dress and still depart in a suit?

I LOVE Stephanie James Couture dresses. Perfectly vintage. Perfectly elegant. Perfect.

Seriously check this out. AMAZING, AMAZING , AMAZING. The fact that the photographer is stellar as well (Ben Blood Photography) helps too!

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie James Blog & Ben Blood Photography

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie James Blog & Ben Blood Photography

So yes, I do love, love, love their dresses. But, I love their suits more. They are AMAZING. You can dress me up in that any day. Doris Day meets Jackie O is serious vintage glam.

Gracie Suit by Stephanie James Couture

Gracie Suit by Stephanie James Couture

As featured in Jacksonville Magazine

As featured in Jacksonville Magazine

You can always check out Ralph Lauren for some suiting options.

Suit by Ralph Lauren

Suit by Ralph Lauren

But seriously… I call for a comeback.

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