They’re back. Raise your hand if you and your girlfriends are kicking off your bachelorette party with the new SATC2 movie.

Right, everyone.

Yay! SATC2! More of Carrie & Co.,more of Mr. Big, and AIDAN!

Sorry. I’m pretty pumped about Aidan.

Honestly, when I first saw the trailer for the new SATC movie during the previews of Valentine’s Day (yeah I know. I went for Julia, NOT Taylor Swift, who I hate now because she stole my TV boyfriend, and butchered her duet with Stevie Nicks. Stop flipping your hair around and sing little girl, sing! She can’t. It’s not her fault.)

I digress.

Anyway… when I saw it, I told you, 100 women gasped at once and sucked all the oxygen out of the room, and the men let out a collective groan. The only thing I came away with was, “WTF are they doing on camels?”

BUT NOW… it’s getting closer. It’s like jumping on the October baseball bandwagon when the Red Sox actually make it to the World Series! Do it! I can’t help myself. That, and I walked by Bergdorf’s today on my way to work, and OMG. I can’t wait!

SATC2 theme windows


As Rachel Zoe would say, “oh my god… I die.” And I did.

So if you’re planning a SATC party to welcome back the ladies, here’s some fun plans to kick it off. First, from one of my super fav blogs Hostess with the Mostess, SATC printables! Napkin rings, cupcake toppers, perfect for the cosmos cupcakes! See below… delish.

SATC2 theme parties

Courtesy of Hostess with the Mostess

And if those cupcakes weren’t enough, check out these adorable Lily-inspired cupcakes from Jen over at Second City Soiree. These are too cute. You know in the trailor, when Lily turns and lays her red frosted fingers on Charlotte’s white skirt… GASP. These are just too cute for words. Oh, and Jen has super cute SATC2 printables on her site too. Check them out!

SATC2 theme party

Photo courtesy of Second City Soiree

And finally… what’s a party without some cocktails. The ladies of SATC2 would more than likely get carried away with cosmos, but why not some bubbly? Check out these super fun character inspired champagne cocktails from Jeanne Benedict over at If you’re not into the bubbly, check out Charlotte’s Chocolatini, Samantha Stinger, and Carrie’s Wedding White Cosmo

Whatever you decide to do, wear something fabulous and enjoy being with your best girl friends, while we wait and see what the fab four are up to in the second SATC2 installment.

Just a little something to get you even more excited then you already are!