Hooray! So most of you know my gingered bestie is heading to the altar, but was dragging her feet on preparations… not because they were cold, but really just because that’s how she rolls. But guess what? They nailed down a date! And a venue! And now she’s got a head full of decor ideas that she shoots over to me via Gchat daily.  I love it. I’m so excited! So I just wanted to share. Sigh. Visions of spring neutrals and May flowers abound for this girl’s Friday night nuptials along the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. So excited!

Now I just need to find some kind of organization for the countless number of links she’s sent me pointing out the table decorations from this real wedding, and the bridesmaid dresses from a different one. Her head is all kinds of brilliance with this game, so I can’t wait to get a load of the end result, but I digress. We have time. She’s reading this and starting to panic… aren’t you? SO MUCH TIME. Settle.

But so exciting nonetheless.