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Here’s a super fun (and colorful) wedding from the amazingly talented Erin J. Rexroth.¬† Jessie & Phil married on March 6, 2010 at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church (the church Jessie grew up in) followed by a super fab reception was at Whitehall Manor in Virginia.

From the bride…
Phil and I met at college at the University of Dayton in Ohio. A few weeks into my freshmen year (his sophomore year) a mutual friend invited me over to a get together at Phil’s dorm room. I laid eyes on him and immediately told my friends he was off limits. After finding out he had a girlfriend, I reluctantly gave up on him and it wasn’t until 4 years later about 2 months before I graduated college that we crossed paths again. His band was playing at one of the college bars and I messaged him that night saying what a great job his band had done and we decided to meet up the next night. From that day on we were never apart and I graduated college and we both relocated to the DC area. It’s funny because when we started dating I knew he was the one because he was really the first boy I was interested in at college and met him a few weeks into my freshman year, and he was the last boy I was interested in college as we started dating right before I graduated college. Funny how life works out sometimes ūüôā

Anyways, we started dating on March 5, 2005, and we got married the day after our¬†5 year anniversary. So forever we’ll have a 2 day anniversary!

Jessie, on her dress… Finding my dress was a whole ordeal. I had this vision of what I wanted and I just couldn’t find it. Trust me, I went to 22 stores, I counted! Finallly I ended up buying the first dress I tried on at the first store and just had a seamstress make changes to it so that¬†it would look like what I had envisioned. You really have to trust your seamstress though, and mine was incredible, but I was still nervous that I would be ruining my dress! I ended up having my streamstress change the neckline to be a sweetheart neckline and she added buttons all the way down to the train and she did an amazing job. I LOVED my dress and I loved the fact that technically, I’m the only one in the world with that dress.

From the bride… I love blue, as you can tell by my wedding colors, were blue and blue.¬† (Ya know, like the colors in Julia Robert’s wedding in Steel Magnolias, “My colors are Blush and Bashful. “Her colors are Pink and Pink”) Yep.¬† My wedding colors were blue and blue. Anyway, I started noticing a trend where brides wear different color shoes (usually red) instead of the traditional white shoe. I’m tall (5’10) and have a really hard time finding shoes without a monster heel so I knew finding white shoes I liked would be hard. I got this idea that what if I wore blue shoes as my something blue. I figured finding blue shoes I liked would be easier than finding white shoes I liked. I was wrong and it ended up being harder than I thought haha but I found this amazing website ( and you could pick out your heel height and shoe color from a list of 5 shoe styles. I found my shoes and then my seamstress told me about shoe clips (basically clip ons for your shoes to bling them out a bit, ) and I found a pair that matched my jewelry and I was all set. I would have to say that my shoes were my favorite part of what I had on!

From Jessie… It’s funny because everyone says that your wedding day flies by and they’re right! It’s hard to pick 1 favorite part because the whole day was a blur so I would have to say my favorite part of the day was the way I felt all day long. I was so giddy and genuinely happy. I was so nervous right before the ceremony and as soon as I started walking down the aisle, all the nerves just disappeared and I just felt so happy. Like giggle like a school girl happy. I’ve never felt that feeling like that before and I have to tell you it was amazing.

The bride, on her cake… I also LOVED our cake. Carolyn from Taylor Made Cakes did such an amazing job. Whitehall Manor was built in the early 1800s and we loved the look of it and all the architectural details. We decided to put that theme in our wedding so we designed the cake to have some of the same details that the molding had throughout the house. Carolyn put our vision together beautifully and deliciously! We were so happy with her work.

Jessie on her photographer… And of course, I happen to think we had the best photographer ever! Erin from Erin J Photography captured moments that I didn’t even know were there! Looking back at all our pictures I can see the happiness and¬†excitement I felt on that day and I’m so happy with the job Erin did.


We have a beautiful new wedding this week from the super talented Erin J. Photography!

Here’s a few to start… get excited. More to come!

Love me some hair froof. Gotta love Daily Candy for setting up Swirl, yet another wonderful Sample Sale shopping site… Sigh. Love it. Today’s deal… Created by L.A. stylists, and modeled here by your very own Blondie Blair. Betcha can’t buy just one…


Gossip Girl

Ban. Do at Swirl Daily Candy's Sample Sale Site

Headband with Giant Rose $79

Black Leaf Headband $59

Look who fell down the rabbit hole and stumbled across these super fab Wonderland inspired wedding ideas on today. My sister is OBSESSED with all things Alice, and there is something pretty magical about taking the whimsy out of Wonderland and applying all that eccentric design inspiration to your very special day.

Forgo flowers and carry a bouquet of brooches instead. With an eccentric Wonderland wedding there’s nothing traditional about it, so make it as fun as you can with a flower bouquet substitute like this one by

Photo Courtesy of

Opt in on whimsy on the invitation front too with these dreamlike invitations

Photo Courtesy of

Channel you’re inner Mad Hatter, and forgo matchy-matchy on your tables, and instead use a little bit of everything from¬† flea market finds to your grandma’s china cabinet for that super zany look.

Photo courtesy of

Stay with those mis-matched colors when it comes to the cake, and pick something that’s totally out there, like this one from The Cake Girls.

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So a couple of weeks ago, my recently engaged bestie, who you’ve all heard me talk about, made a visit north to the big bad city for some birthday fun. When we realized that J.Crew was having a Weddings & Parties Showcase and sample sale just blocks from my apartment, I casually suggested dropping by for a “quick look”. I knew she wasn’t really interested in doing the whole white dress shopping, but hey, J.Crew has some pretty fab bridesmaid dresses that can double as guest dresses. Plus there were shoes. So we went.

There were probably 4 or 5 rooms just with bridal gowns and dresses, some as low as $200! I was expecting mayhem, but we were probably two of maybe 20 people total there, on Saturday. The sample sale was held at the Flatotel Hotel, 135 W. 52nd St. from February 19 to Sunday, February 21, but they still had A LOT of stock left.

The dresses were beautiful. Simple silhouettes, and beautiful lines, but there’s something not so special about looking at the same style dress stacked 50 deep on the rack. Takes away from the “this is my dress and only my dress” idea. BUT, for $200, you could find a dress that would have been perfect for a beach wedding, a second dress to change into after the formal ceremony comes to an end, or just something in white to trash the next day in a “trash the dress” photo shoot that’s starting to trend with bride’s now.

Aside from the bridal gowns, they did have two rooms of shoes, though digging through the boxes under the table to find my size wasn’t something I was really interested in, especially after they confiscated my coffee at the door. We both tried on a handful of the bridesmaid dresses, which were EVERYWHERE, and very affordable, but sadly, we both left empty-handed. I honestly couldn’t believe it. I thought for sure we would be able to¬† find SOMETHING… but no.

I think the key to this sample sale ladies… know exactly what you’re looking for. Know your colors, know what style you’re looking for, and take your entire band of ladies with. I think if a bride had led her bridesmaids into that huge rooms with racks and racks of rainbow-colored dresses, she easily would have been able to outfit her entire party in under an hour.

It was a good first step in the planning process. Now if I can only get her to pick a date…

I love this. So cute. This is how two literary book worms get engaged. Adorable.

Congratulations to Rachel Evans, a bookseller at the King’s English, Salt Lake City, Utah, and her boyfriend, poetry aficionado Joey Heath, who recently became engaged at the store. With help from some other staffers, Heath asked Evans to find a book for him in the literary nonfiction room–a book that held an engagement ring. The store will host a reception for the couple this fall on the patio.

The Oscars were last night, and as much as I wanted them to be funny because of Alec and Steve, those SNL, stand-up, It’s Complicated heavyweights, it sucked.¬† The only good things about last night were NPH’s opening song, Sandy’s acceptance speech, George Clooney’s faces, and SJP’s dress. That girl does not disappoint. And there was Matthew, a prop basking in the glow from SJP’s super awesome dress.¬† At least Ferris got a few words in during the John Hughes tribute.
“Hey Ferris, is today you’re day off?”
Oh, look, Matthew made a funny.
Maggie, Rachel McAdams and Sandra looked beautiful. There were some looks I could have done without, namely Jennifer Lopez’s left hip…

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