I feel like I’m always waiting to be surprised.

I love surprises.

Maybe it’s the overload of romantic comedies that bombard us in the theaters, but I’m a believer in surprises.

I’m not talking material surprises. I mean sure what girl doesn’t love to be surprised by diamonds and pearls, but I’m talking about thoughtful surprises. Unexpected gestures. I love them.

Now for the actual wedding day… I’m not talking surprises that mess with the vision created on you or your friend’s wedding day. Don’t show up in purple when you know you’re supposed to wear pink. That is not a nice surprise.  But a nice little surprise that the bride doesn’t necessarily know about, really makes for a nice little day. I know of a bride who recently was surprised via a video image message from her soon-to-be husband of her wedding gift… a brand new golden retriever puppy. Wonderful.

I’ve aided and abetted a few pretty great surprises and while being surprised feels pretty wonderful, surprising someone else is better…