Ross Mantle for the New York Times

I’m your classic Irish/Italian mutt. Kitchen traditions a mile long.

Ham on Easter, Seven different kinds of fish on Christmas Eve, Lasagna on Christmas day, Pizza frite, and lupines at the summer church bazaar and cookies, lots and lots of cookies at every single party you will ever attend.

Especially weddings.

It just went with the territory.

Wedding cake, yes.  But cookies… cookies for days at every wedding I ever attended growing up.

I was wrong. It’s not just us.

According to The New York Times, and my own first hand sources, the mammoth cookie tables aren’t just for the Italians. Over the years, Pittsburgh has made a name for itself as the cookie table capital.

Who knew?

With sometimes weeks of preparation, the bride’s family bakes thousands of cookies for the wedding, creating a tradition based more on your neighborhood, than your last name  Read more here.