Here’s a beautiful and super FUN wedding from photographer Randi Voss. Jamie, a Virgina Tech alum & her groom Zach, a Blacksburg, VA native and Radford alum, incorporated a little Hokie pride into their simple, elegant and all out fun wedding day.

Here are few special touches and details that made Jamie and Zach’s day so personal and unique to them. We love that! 

From the bride… “The knife we used to cut our cake was the one my parents used to cut theirs, and the champagne we drank was an unexpected gift from a good friend of ours. The handbag I used that day was one my dad’s mom gave to my mom to use for her wedding, and our bouquets (made by one of our bridesmaids aunts) had queen anne’s lace in  it- those flowers lined the road to get to the family cabin.”

Jamie & Zach

Getting Ready...

Beautiful Bride


From the bride… “Walking down the aisle – I expected to be a teary mess but I was so, so excited, I couldn’t walk slow enough to take it all in.



From the bride… “The minister, Dr. Gregory, was actually a professor/mentor of Zach’s at Radford…we had a great time working with him on our ceremony and we both really liked the idea of personally knowing who was marrying us, he brought a great sense of humor and genuiness to our ceremony.”

For the Boys...

From the bride… “Each table was labled by a special place to Zach and I. Rather than just using numbers, on each card we included a little something about why it was special to us. One of our groomsmen suggested that we go around and someone from each table read them aloud, so we did, great idea Marc, we loved it! It was one of my favorite moments of the day.”

Table Scheme

From the beautiful bride… “We had decided we didn’t want a traditional wedding cake but hadn’t really discussed what it is we did want.  I am not 100% clear on how the cheescake buffet  came to be but I think it was suggested by my mom when my parents came to celebrate our engagement and took us out to Cheesecake Factory so cheesecakes it was.”


Class Act Favors


From the bride… “The HOKIE bird!! (The Virgina Tech Mascot) That was a surprise gift from my sister and her fiance!!  And we were so surprised!!  Not sure why but definitely one of those moments where I never thought I’d look back on the times I laughed and cry…but it gets the tears going every time I think about it…it was fantastic!!”

Hokie Love

From the bride… “Ahhh…the hats!!!  It’s actually been a “Thompson Family Thing” for as long as I can remember going to weddings. Not sure how or why it started but you can always count on Aunt Ann to show up with her bag of goodies.”


Some of the bride’s favorite moments of the day… “I loved, loved the bagpiper, just loved it, we chose that because of Radford…Go Highlander! At the rehearsal dinner, Zach’s mom put together a great slide show and very special speech. Late night at the hotel with pizza, beer and friends was so much fun, and just having all our friends and family in one place at the same time, I didn’t want it to end, I would do it once a year if I could!”