I stopped by Dabney Lee to check out the Soiree collection that I posted about, in person, and let me tell you ladies, there really is soemthing for every girl from the Upper Eastside to the preppy Southern girl.  Super Cute!

Two Trick Pony Carnival Invitation

Two Trick Pony… another one of my FAVORITE FAVORITE stationers- based on Brooklyn. Printed on 100% recycled paper these invitations are perfectly, wonderfully vintage inspired perfection on paper. Love it. Download their Spring collection here, or shop online at Etsy.

This next company was one of my FAVORITES at the show. Plus I really love the name. In Good Company Paper Designs– Slightly preppy, slightly nautical, all around fabulous. I LOVE this line. Although they don’t specifically do wedding invitations per se, Anything they do already have can be designed to fit your function and your style… LOVE IT. Go check out their adorable stuff.