More from the NYC Stationary Show. These AMAZING buckets and oval tins from the MacBeth Collection are perfect for beach weddings (Store flipflops for guests) and excellent for perfectly preppy welcome baskets /bins for out of town guests! I really do LOVE these, and the best part … you can design your own!




Next up… Lifeguard Press which features loads of Lilly. Stationary in shades of pink and green with designs for every occasion. Their booth was adorable. Note the super cute poof garland a la Martha. Adorable.



I love the gift bags and their wedding stationary from Lilly…

Next up… Smock Paper. Based out of Syracuse- Love that. Seriously BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL Letterpress invitations. Their display was pretty wonderful as well. Here’s the great thing about Smock. All of their beautifully letter pressed invitations are eco-friendly. They are the first and only print shop in the U.S. to work on wholly sustainable bamboo paper. WE LOVE THAT!



Last but CERTAINLY not least… Linda and Harriet. My favorite upon favorites… Just go and look. It’s all fabuloso ladies.