Hello lovelies! So, last weekend we packed up our bows and headed west across the great ( and seriously full of cows) state of Pennsylvania, to Pittsburgh for an impromptu Bridal Shower for my friend E! It was a long trip, but we managed to make it pretty damn fun. It was a really wonderful bridal luncheon that was short but very sweet. I wanted to share a couple of really cute ideas from this shower with you all…

Bridal Shower Centerpieces


Keeping things simple, the Bride-to-Be’s MOH used gerber daisies as centerpieces (which also doubled as prizes in the games) and surrounded each plant with adorable and USEFUL (keyword) favors. The bride, E is very into photos and so picture frames made sense and were made very personal with pink and yellow ribbons and a sweet little poem in multi- colored paper inside.

The poem below:
“(Bride’s Name) is becoming a bride & soon (Groom’s Name) will be by her side. Let’s shower her with love and cheers and wish her luck in the coming years!”



The MOH put a little sticker on the underside of one frame on each table. The person who had that sticker won the centerpiece. Nice and Easy. One down.

Everyone got one piece of paper with a list of famous people (Fred Flinstone, Lucille Ball, Zac Efron etc.)  and a blank next to each. We had roughly a minute to fill out the list with their respective significant other. This game is pretty simple and you’d be surprised how many names you can’t come up with on the spot. Keep the time down to limit prizes.

Another piece of paper… easy enough no one has to get up… with a list of “I Love You” in lots of different languages. Guests have to write down next to each one what language they think it is. Countdown from the total for a winner. (Did anyone get all 20 right, 19, 18? etc.) to find winners. This is an especially good game to do if the couple has done lots of traveling or somehow can be tied back to the couple. ALWAYS try to do that. It just make it that much better.

You saw the other version of this game which I posted at my friend J’s Bridal Shower. But for this version, you list, on another piece of paper, questions about the bride (What’s her favorite season? How many schools has she attended? How did the couple meet?) and countdown again from the total to find winners. In theory the bride’s mother and family should have a little bit of an advantage here, but again… you’d be surprised.

 Congrats E!