Photo Courtesy of Daily Candy Weddings

Photo Courtesy of Daily Candy Weddings



So fun! How much do you all LOVE Daily Candy? I do. And now they have just launched Daily Candy Weddings! I’m still a little unclear as to whether this is a monthly newsletter or what… but it’s cute- whatever it is. Big fan. Super adorable.

Here are some of my favorite items from this month. (By the way- I’m adding them to the Wedding Reads blogroll so you can always access)




Daily Candy’s interview with Jim Meehan of PDT in Boston, one of Boston’s most sought-after mixologists.  

Here are the cocktail recipes he served at his wedding.





Right. So everyone hates going and listening to the same first dance song at every wedding over and over again.

Get original! Check out Daily Candy’s Chart of unique first dance songs to kick- off your wedding in style. Just match up your tastes and Tada! A song is born.






Daily Candy’s PlayLists Untradiational Love Songs, Songs for the Dance Floor, Songs for the Cocktail Hour and  below- Songs that Will Ruin Everything

    * “F**k You,” by Lily Allen

    * “Gold Digger,” by Kanye West

    * “She Loves Everybody,” by Chester French

    * “Womanizer,” by Britney Spears

    * “I Love College,” by Asher Roth

    * “Bust Your Windows,” by Jazmine Sullivan

    * “Cry Me a River,” by Justin Timberlake

    * “Dirrty,” by Christina Aguilera

    * “Necromancer,” by Gnarls Barkley

    * “My Neck, My Back (Lick It),” by Khia

    * “Hot in Herre (Clean – w/ Drops),” by Nelly

    * “Promiscuous,” by Nelly Furtado featuring Timbaland