Have any of you ever seen the movie Easter Parade with Fred Astaire and Judy Garland? I watched it yesterday for the first time, and let me tell you… 5th avenue in NYC on Easter… is not your traditional Easter Parade. In fact… it’s the complete opposite.

After a super delicious brunch at Sarabeth’s we headed over to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for mass… but not before passing the spring edition of the Village Halloween parade out front.

This was a far cry from the pink and green patterns at sunrise mass on the South Carolina coast, that I’m used to. But it was hilarious and super entertaining. I can’t figure out if the characters strutting up and down 5th avenue were tourists (some had their children dressed up in ridiculous hats too … those poor kids!) or native New Yorkers. My guess is a little bit of both.

Either way… I was inspired (kind of) by the Easter parade. After all if you can’t wear a hat on Easter, when are you going to wear one? People in London get to wear hats all the time to weddings… except there they’re called FASCINATORS. Fancy right?

So, I’m proposing a serious hat comeback in honor of Judy, Fred and all the Easter bonnet wanna-be wearing New Yorkers.

My friend E is getting married in November and has decided that hats are definitely necessary for a seriously fun time. So… I’m on the hunt for the perfect hat.

(Just don’t come to my wedding in a 5 foot high hat covered in butterflies please and thank-you) I’m talking SJP, not SFU (Seriously freakin’ ugly).

Here are some contenders…

April Fascinator Headpiece

From Etsy Vendor Pink Tiger's Den


The Cleo from Jay B Millinery (Etsy) $78

The Cleo from Jay B Millinery (Etsy) $78



Dinah from La Boheme $140

Dinah from La Boheme $140


Cocktail Fascinator from Tony Gross Millinery $150

Cocktail Fascinator from Tonya Gross Millinery $150