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Alright ladies listen up. 

Grooms can go one of three ways right?

1. Groomzilla: They rival the bride for total control on every friggin’ detail from start to finish

2. Helpful but totally bored: They’ll help you but truthfully don’t really care what shade of pink ribbon you tie on the program

3. Non-existent: Bad news Bears.

This one’s for the boys. So spin them, take off the blind fold and point them toward the computer for some lessons in Weddings 101.

It won’t hurt I promise. There’s much to learn little bird. 

First up…


Photo Courtesy of The Man Registry

Photo Courtesy of The Man Registry

The Man Registry

Seriously. Are you over the name yet? How great is this?  This site is so great. It’s a complete guide to all things groom. You can sign up and create your own MAN-REGISTRY. (Yes capital letters are necessary) and you can send the registry to guests so that they can look at your MAN-REGISTRY. There’s a Groom 101 area where your groom and his guys can plan and execute successful bachelor parties- with o without strippers- there is a pretty great list of Extreme Bachelor Party Ideas including sky diving, wedding speech survival tactics, and a whole section on how to prank the groom… ladies you might want to send that one out via e-mail to the groomsmen asap. 

AND there’s a blog. I love the blog. I follow these guys on Twitter. They’re great. Lots of really fun info to check-out for everyone.



Photo Courtesy of Groom Grove

Photo Courtesy of Groom Grove

Groove Groom is like a fortune teller’s paradise for a groom. From start to finish your groom can calculate an engagement ring, pick out his groomsmen gifts,  plan a stellar Rehearsal Dinner, even impress his future mother-in-law. It’s been featured on major media outlets too, which is always a sign of legitimacy right? Wait…even if it’s Fox?  I digress. has loads of articles on tons of relevant topics that will answer his questions before he starts firing them at you.



Photo Courtesy of Beau-Coup

Photo Courtesy of Beau-Coup

Beau-Coup Weddings: From Bended Knee to Boutonniere (His Perspective)

Actor Eric Saient’s personal journey from proposal to the aisle. “I DO (Not know what I’m doing).”

His blogging is great and it’s so fun to hear the man’s perspective on everything! Plus it’s witty, cause the guys an actor who lives and writes in NYC… so. it’s great.

Check it out.


*Remember: Happy Grooms make Happy Brides…


Seriously. Enough with the freakin’ rain already.  It’s spring. Mama needs some freakin’ SUNSHINE.

It’s going to be April this week…and you know what they say…

April Showers Bring… the Parade of oversized Envelopes.

They’re coming…

Soon I’ll show you a picture of my fridge… You can’t actually see it.

It’ll make your day. 🙂

While I wait for the sunshine and the parade of over sized envelopes to arrive. I’m going to indulge in some lost scenes of The Hills, look forward to The Duel, and tomorrow’s Gawker recap of Gossip Girl. I love guilty pleasures.

What’s yours?

Happy Almost April!

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