So a good friend of mine, who recently got engaged and is totally enthralled with all things Anthro (I mean who isn’t)  asked me if they offer bridal registries for showers or weddings. 

Honestly… I had no idea.

So I asked and it is amazing what you can find out if you just ask.  

Here’s the answer from Anthropologie:

“Our Wish Lists may be made public so that you can share them with friends and family members who are interested in purchasing gifts for you. In order to make your Wish List public, you must select a default shipping address. Even if it is the same as your default billing address, you must add it a second time and select the box that states “Set as Default Shipping Address”. Then, view your Wish List again and select the box that states “Make List Public”.
You may also send your Wish List by utilizing the “Send List” button that appears at the top of your wish list. This is especially helpful if you have a small group of people that you would like to share your list with and have their email addresses available.”

In english…you can compile everything you could possibly imagine for your kitchen in one place and do one of three things:

1. Direct guests to search online for the “Wish List” using your last name or e-mail address

2. Share your wish list with friends and family via e-mail through the “Share” option on the “Wish List” page always directing them to purchase directly online.  

3. Print  out and send to guests with your invites (not likely- and kind of ugly). 

BUT, there’s a catch. This is ENTIRELY online. In-store purchases cannot be deducted from a Wish List.  Which means, if you’re one of the lucky lovelies in walking distance to a an Anthropologie, you have to pay the shipping to make sure yours is the only Fresh-Baked Cake Stand your bride-to-be receives. 

Update: In an e-mail, Anthropologie said:

“When items are bought from stores our stores will email us and ask us to remove the items from the wish list so duplicates are not purchased.”

So in-store purchases at your own risk then.

Otherwise, this works just like a traditional registry. As items are purchased off your Wish List the list repopulates to show “Desired” “Received” quantities.

I’d love to see someone successfully execute this registry option, as it’s a pretty great one and why not register for cool, quirky, kitchen style in addition to all the blenders, food processors and pots n’ pans on your other lists?