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When I was growing up there was a small shop in my small town that helped every bride in a 100-mile radius register for her wedding china.  It was downtown, and mostly I remember going in there and looking up at all the crystal, glass and ceramic “things” that I could not touch (but desperately  wanted to) in complete and total awe. Sparkly things are mesmerizing to an 8-year-old right?

Since I had double shower present buying needs this past weekend, I wanted to check out the little shop’s new location…

Turns out, that little shop… not so little anymore AND… ironically enough sparkly things… still super mesmerizing fifteen years later.

 I’m not gonna lie. There are stores I could wander around in for hours… dress shops, shoe stores and tabletop shops. It’s kind of like walking into the housewares department at Bloomingdales, or the downstairs of Michael C. Fina.  Magic.

Alright. Giggle if you must, but I love entertaining! And you should entertain with pretty things. It’s fun. A lot of people don’t register for China anymore. And truthfully, I understand why. The formal idea of entertaining with “good china” sort of sits somewhere around Thanskgiving and Christmas. Important for holidays and out of town family. But why should you waste your beautiful settings on obscure out of towners?


 I don’t think you’re good china should sit and collect dust on a shelf somewhere post-nuptials. Your dinnerware should be beautiful and PRACTICAL. 

There were so many beautiful and practical things in that not -so small little shop in my still kind of small, little town that I had to share a few with you!


One of my all-time favorite lines of table top is Mariposa. Affordable, durable, pretty and timeless. You really can’t go wrong. They have just about anything you can imagine- from serving platters, bowls and vases for weddings to baby items for showers! They also have these really great napkin holders with a whole line of different kinds of weights- holiday themed, sunflowers, sleds, fireflies, ladybugs… the list goes on…

Brillante Line

Brillante Line

Brillant Line

Brillant Line

* See the spoon, cup and bowl? That’s what we decided on for my friend K’s baby shower this weekend. Isn’t it super sweet? The spoon also doubles in a different set with an adorable appetizer dish that they have- which I received as a Christmas gift! Love it!


This is one of my all-time favorites too. My sister bought me my first piece at Christmas and I’m kind of hooked now.

Juliska Collection

Juliska Collection


Kate Spade

She does more than the bags and the shoes girls. These adorably vintage looking plates are a happy addition to any kitchen. 

Kate Spade Larabee dot tidbit plates- $80/Set of 4

Kate Spade Larabee dot tidbit plates- $80/Set of 4

Now there are also cheaper versions that have the same kind of feel as the items above. Crate & Barrel has a great line of place settings that are really affordable and really classic and Williams-Sonoma has some nice everyday options as well. Crate & Barrel’s White Pearl Dinnerware set is very reminiscent of the Brillant line from Mariposa in a classic white.  There’s always the reliable stand-by’s at Anthropologie too and check out Home Goods –  They often have beautiful Waterford and Lenox items at a serious discount.

Happy Entertaining! 

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