Ok. As most of you know I was way excited to see He’s Just Not That Into You. What I forgot is how annoying the movies in Manhattan are. I mean…this was absurdity at its finest.

So my cousin and I went and saw this movie with about 200 other people in Manhattan at a 10pm show. THE MOST OBNOXIOUS PEOPLE IN THE WORLD sat next to us. I mean come on. In my imaginary blissful version of me going to see this, I had not accounted for them.

A couple, he seemed genuinely unhappy to be there and laughed only at the parts of the movie that made the women look ridiculous. At one point he turned to his girlfriend and said, “Glad to see this all first hand.” Seriously?

They each came prepared with JUMBO buckets of popcorn, and a drink that was EMPTY by the end of the movie, so yes, please stop trying to get anything else out of it…

You would have thought this man was digging for gold in his bag of popcorn. Seriously. I’ve never heard a paper bag make so much noise in my life. And apparently his little lady was sitting too far away from the speakers because any time anyone would say something in the movie, I got this, “Wait what did she say? Chocolate and what? Ice cream and what?” RIBS! I wanted to scream she said RIBS. STOP CHOMPING ON YOUR POPCORN AND LISTEN!

And at one point, the guy fell asleep. HA. He feel asleep at He’s Just Not That Into You. I mean…come on. Take a hint honey.

“Are you sleeping? Hello? Are you sleeping during the movie?”

I can’t make this stuff up. I swear.

The other funny thing about going to the movies in NYC is that the ENTIRE audience feels the need to react OUT LOUD en MASSE. It truly is hilarious.

You’ve ALL seen the preview for this movie. Everyone knows that Bradley Cooper is led astray from his beautiful wife played by Jennifer Conelly and ends up in the pool with a neked ScarJo in the pool.

Well…you’d have though something completely unexpected had happened when this scene arrived on screen. A gasp swept across the theater. Really? You didn’t know this was going to happen? Whenever anything remotely cliche, predictable or to terrifying to watch happened, there was a slow murmur of “Oh No…mmmm hmmmm….what an idiot” that filled the theater. Everyone in that theater has been as stupid as one of these characters once in their life, and if you say you haven’t you’re a liar who doesn’t have friends. But it was like those old episodes of Mystery Science Theater- where those 2 guys sit in front and comment on the movie. It was like that, but there were 200 people talking.  So distracting, yet utterly hilarious.

On a side note the movie actually was good. It was a little bit strange in that it reminded me of the very first episodes of Sex and the City when the camera panned away from the main characters and instead sought advice from random individuals on park benches or in restaurants. The trailers give away almost all of the wit and humor, which left the rest of the film feeling a little bit depressing at times, which was definitely not what I signed up for.

Ginnifer Goodwin plays a great crazy and in my humble opinion is a really sensational actress. She and Justin Long are really wonderful in this and along with the Jen/Ben story line really were the all-stars in this. My poor cute little E from Entourage. Man, he got done up to look a mess in this. He is the only guy in this film who doesn’t realize that his girl (ScarJo) is just not that into him. Quite the twisty. I still love Kevin Connolly though.

Also… this to me seems worth mentioning. The ScarJo/Bradley Cooper Office scene…seemed strangely grabby for the on screen PG-13 world. Strangely uncomfortable, but maybe that was the point.

At any rate it’s definitly worth seeing. Choose your seat wisely, and spread out.