I can’t take any credit for this, but that’s ok.

This is a fabulous find from Ariel over at Off Beat Bride, and I’m totally obsessed.

Ok sorry.  Super 8 film is so much more magical and incredible to watch than plain old digital video. Boring. Remember film…it was like what the beginning of The Wonder Years looked like. Old crackly film catching all of the raw and true beauty of emotion and love. Wouldn’t you rather remember your wedding like that?!

Hello Super 8 is based in New York and London, but they often travel all over the country to shoot weddings. They have an incredible Guest Book video, (which is totally my photo booth obsession in motion), which is set to probably the best song ever. If you don’t know it… again there is a hole in your childhood that you must be patched immediately. Check out the complete post at Off Beat Bride for more on Hello Super 8.