I stumbled upon Nate and Jaclyn’s amazing images by accident. Then… I couldn’t get enough.

I’ve said this before, but I”ll say it again. Photography for your wedding…definitely worth investing in. And take a browse on this site and around the lovely little Internet to see what your photos SHOULD look like. You don’t just want the boring, standard posed photos. I mean they’re necessary but so don’t capture the whole day the way it needs to be captured.
Your pictures are forever, and they should be unique, inviting, inspiring and completely and totally you.

Nate and Jaclyn of the Image is Found Photography are based in Oceanside, California. I adore their work, AND that wonderful photo at the top of Wedding Belles Online is theirs! Check out their blog with some pretty awesome and exciting pics, and a full gallery of their wedding work here.


Flying Veil