Well Ladies… I hope this frigid New Year is treating you well. I apologize for the holiday hiatus, but I am in planning stages. This year has some changes in store for Be My Bridesmaid and I hope you’ll all come along for the ride and embrace that  change. Generally change is a good thing…so I’m told.

It is a new year with new weddings to share! Following my “8 in ’08” Wedding schedule last year, ’09 promises to deliver. We’re already repeating the past with 8 in store from January to November. Should be a good one!

I’ve added a new page to the site where you, my fun and  fabulous bridesmaids, can submit your perfectly planned shower, bangin’ bachelorette party or wedding to be featured on the site. Just click on Real Bridesmaid Submissions, and follow the instructions.

2009 promises to be another fun, exciting…and decidedly jam packed year of weddings. Share your stories, your photos and stick with us as we make some new and exciting changes to the site in the coming months!