I had to share this with you all. My friend Lisa is getting married in the fall, and I can’t wait for her shower. Bet you never thought I’d be this excited for a shower right? Well Lisa is having my all-time favorite kind of shower… the DISPLAY SHOWER! No wrapping of gifts and more importantly no unwrapping of gifts! Just a nice fun afternoon with friends to celebrate your engagement with oversize boxes of stemless wine glasses, ice cream makers and Tupperware looking on naked from the corner.


If you remember awhile back, I told you about how display showers are my favorite kind of bridal showers. They take the “stuffiness” out of the shower and make the day about the bride rather than the gifts and the three hours it takes to open them all. It’s a tricky thing to word on an invite without offending the more old-fashioned women folk, but if you can do it right, it’s a great alternative to tradition.

Here’s how Lisa’s shower invite was worded:

” At the request of the bride, this will be a casual “display” shower.  Please bring your gifts unwrapped, so that Lisa has more time to enjoy your company.”

Wonderful.  Can’t wait!