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So as I’ve admitted in many a post, I’m a book whore and I love it when I find snarky, smart young female writers I can relate to.

That said, one of my favorite books from last year was a little book by Laura Dave called London is the Best City in America. It was her first book, and I have to say for a first time writer she knows her stuff.

by Laura Dave By Laura Dave

Here’s the synopsis:

Three years ago, Emmy Everett made the painful decision to call off her engagement and leave New York City behind. Since then she has been hiding out in Rhode Island working at a bait and tackle shop and haphazardly shooting a documentary about fishermen’s wives. July 4th weekend has rolled around again and Emmy is mustering up the courage to return home to New York (the site of her own failed romance) to celebrate her brother Josh’s wedding.

En route to his bachelor party, Emmy is shocked when her typically resolute brother confesses that he is having serious doubts about getting married – and he may even be in love with another woman.

Emmy is determined to help her brother face up to this decision – the one she fled from herself. With less than twenty-four hours to go before the wedding, she takes Josh on a road trip to find this mystery woman. Along the way, Emmy embraces her own hard-earned lessons about romance, commitment and what happens when we refuse to let go of the past.

I had the pleasure of meeting Laura Dave last summer at a seminar. She is super nice, very down to earth and she’s a Red Sox fan. Ahh… the trifecta.

Her second book The Divorce Party, debuts today. I haven’t had a chance to read this yet, but if the first book is any indication of Laura Dave’s talents, this is sure to be a winner as well.

Here’s the synopsis:

On their 35th anniversary, Gwyn Huntington and her husband Thomas have invited friends and family to their Montauk home. Instead of celebrating their decades-long love, they are toasting their divorce. This also marks the weekend that their son brings home his fiancée, Maggie Mackenzie, for the first time. Maggie thought she was joining a perfect family, but she is about to reckon with some uncomfortable truths about the man she wants to marry.

A multi-generational story about what it means to share a life with someone, The Divorce Party brings us two immensely appealing women: Gwyn who is stumbling upon the end of her marriage, and Maggie, her future-daughter-in-law, who is trying to navigate the beginning of hers. With emotional candor and surprising humor, these two women find themselves trying to answer the same questions: Can you ever really know someone? When should you fight for the person you love most, and when should you begin to let him go?

Happy Spring Reading!

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