I hate to disclose this and let it go mainstream… but it’s too good not to share. There are some really beautiful lines of china, glassware and tableware out there that is actually affordable, modern and really great if you’re looking to stray from the world of ice cream makers, food processors and coffee pots in the land of registries.  Juliska has some of the most beautiful tabletop items on the market today. And, in comparison to what’s in the market, it’s pretty affordable.

It looks a little bit vintage, is definitely a little bit different and makes for a really beautiful table.  It’s not your mama’s china, and it’s certainly not something you can buy all at once, but it’s a collectible line of beautiful vases, serving platters, candle sticks and glassware. I love the glassware, but they also have beautiful ceramic place settings in four different designs.  My personal favorite is the Petit Singe.  Although, I kind of feel like it’s better as a baby shower gift, it’s still so cute. The Berry & Thread line is really special too.

You can find it at specialty stores around the country, and department stores often have them on sale. Michael.C.Fina is a great place to look online for gifts too. They often carry Juliska and Mariposa on at discounted rates, as does Barneys, believe it or not. Plus they come in super cute colors like pistachio, vintage pink, butter yellow, cappuccino brown and ice blue.

Mariposa also has some really beautiful gift ideas.

Their stuff is really cute and again, pretty affordable.  There are several different lines, and the napkin weights vary from literally everything from artichokes to tennis rackets to Santa Claus.  It’s kind of great.

We’re grown ups… they say… sooner or later you’re gonna need some of this stuff.