So after all you max out your credit cards on three different shower centerpieces and favors, a bachelorette party, bridesmaid dress and alterations, a blender for shower #1, a toaster for shower #2, champagne flutes for shower #3, and any other miscellaneous expenses like rental cars, hotels, party favors, potted plants and therapy you just might be lucky enough to get something in return.

It is customary for the bride & groom to show their complete and utter gratitude to their devoted bridal party in gift form at the rehearsal dinner and if you can direct them to a fantastically great idea…even better. Especially given that you’re now poor.

Since you can’t ask for a credit card payment or cash or money orders the next best thing is to present some options, discreetly, as you don’t want it to see like you’re EXPECTING anything right? ha. Below are some practical bridesmaid gifts I’ve witnessed, been given and heard rave reviews on. As always please share any ideas you have for all of the other bridesmaids out there!

  • J.Crew Monogrammed Amagansett Totes
    These are bags. Don’t be fooled by their very fancy name. Very pretty, durable bags that can bear your initials if you like that sort of thing, and sometimes I do. This Spring they come in bright colors and patterns and really aren’t going to set the bride back all that much. Polka dots, stripes and the prepster madras prints come in small and medium sizes. The small bags range from $33.50 to $44.50. (Patterns determine price here) The Mediums bags range from $44.50 to $49.50.

    Polka DotsStripes

    I’ve seen them filled with everything from beach towels, printed umbrellas, baseball hats and pretty flat flip flops in the brides signature wedding color to give your feet a break post ceremony.

    ** These also make great welcome baskets for a bachelorette weekend or as welcome baskets in hotel rooms. More on that later.

  • Vineyard Vines Bags & Accessories
    Since we’re on the subject of good looking tote bags, I must mention Vineyard Vines. I love this company for a lot of reasons, but mostly because the brothers who started are rebellious self starters that did exactly what they wanted to do, and it worked. Read their story– it’s pretty amazing.They have a whole bunch of amazing products, which are also great to outfit any bridal party, specifically if you happen to be in a wedding happening very near to a body of water.Headbands, belts, flip flops, ties and tote bags…you name it and you can probably get it with whales, crabs or seahorses on it. Pretty great. Their bags are a little bit more than the J.Crew totes, but are very customizable and come in great patterns like watermelons, shamrocks, martini glasses, even breast cancer awareness ribbons. The totes range
    in price from $85 to $105.

    Vineyard Vines Classic ToteVineyard Vines Mini Tote

  • Jewelery and yes… More bags
    If you haven’t guessed, I think bags in some form or another are a great attendants gift. Jewelery is also good. I know brides who have opted to buy the jewelry they would like you to wear on their big day. I have a friend who gave each of her bridesmaids a beautiful pink Coach wristlet along with the multi-colored jewelery they wore.

    Jewelery that gives back is another great gift idea. The Green Bracelet from Red Envelope is $125, with $20 of each purchase going to the Diamond Empowerment Fund, an international non-profit organization that raises money to educate and uplift the people and communities of Africa. Plus, we think it’s really pretty. Designed by the Simmons Jewelery Company, the bracelet features native African materials, green malachite beads and a conflict free diamond loosely housed in a gold alloy cage.

    Green Bracelet

  • Monogrammed Flasks
    If you and your fellow bridesmaids occasionally like to sip on adult beverages, monogrammed flasks in pastel leather are fun AND excellent for toasting your excellent work…and of course the happy couple. They’re also really inexpensive at just about $29 each.

    Monogrammed Flasks