Ask and you shall receive Katie! Here’s my post on how to throw a fantastically rockin’ Bachelorette Party without anything that looks remotely like a penis. So I’ve been to a few bachelorette parties in my day and some of them were AMAZING! So here are some suggestions to have a great time with your girls without ending up on the floor of your local dive bar in tiara and a “bride-to-be” beater. The most important thing is to HAVE FUN with your girlfriends!

Wine Tours
– I did one of these for a bachelorette party for a girlfriend a few years ago in the Finger Lakes region of New York and it’s my favorite “Non-trashy” bachelorette party idea. You can rent limos, shuttles or hire a very willing sibling to drive you all around from vineyard to vineyard to taste test your way through the day! Long Island Wineries and the Finger Lakes are my favorite on the east coast, there are plenty of other east coast wineries to try out. In California your options are unlimited.
Seneca Lake Wine Tour
Seneca Lake Wine Tour

Weekend Getaway– Long weekends away with the girls are a really great time and don’t have to be too expensive if you plan it out right. Shared hotel rooms and group dinners keep the bill down and keep the good times rollin’! There are a million great weekend getaway locales and you don’t have to do Vegas or Atlantic City either. Annapolis, MD, Boston, MA, NYC, Charleston, SC and Baltimore’s Inner Harbor are a few of my favorite East Coast host cities for bachelorette parties.

Booze Cruise– Most big cities near water host Harbor tours or Cruises at a group rate. Baltimore’s Inner Harbor does Harbor Cruises and the Water Taxi is a great way to hop from bar to bar and see the sights. Boston Harbor Cruises are always a good time in the warmer months and New York offers Harbor Cruises on the Circle Line around some of New York’s most famous landmarks.

Pamper Party– Spas can be really expensive, but a day of beauty doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Have a good old-fashioned Pamper Party at home complete with Tarot Card Readers or Fortune Tellers, if you’re not too superstitious, and Massage Therapists. Take turns doing each other’s nails and regress to your childhood with funny Old School games like Truth or Dare and maybe even a good old fashioned Dance Party.

Sports Center– Some brides aren’t into the sports scene but I for one am a self proclaimed baseball junkie. Baseball games are a fun alternative to the bar scene with pretty much the same effect. You get to watch men in tight pants running around while you enjoy a beer in the sunshine with some of your best girls. Most MLB tickets have cheap seats plus Minor League Teams are scattered all around the country. Cheap tickets and New prospects!

Coed Parties– Coed Parties, often referred to as Jack & Jill parties are becoming more and more popular. Maybe so everyone can get to know each other, or maybe so brides can keep a watchful eye on the groom and his wild friends. Whatever the reason it can be a great option for laid back couples. Planning a backyard barbecue with Bocce, Barbecue, Basketball and Bellini’s is a great way to include everyone in a celebration together before the wedding.

**Bellini’s are peach juice and champagne for those of you who have never had my most favorite party drink.

Casino Royale– Try your hand at the table with the boys at any of the lesser little Vegas joints around the country. Mohegan Sun, Turning Stone Casino and AC are cheaper versions of the Strip that offer the same odds of good times and hitting it big! You control the tacky level here, so choose accordingly.

Thrill RideSo I know this is atypical, but isn’t that the point here! Amusement Parks are really really fun! Admit it you haven’t been since your seventh grade chorus trip, but amusement parks are a great place to let your guard down and just enjoy being yourself with some of your favorite people. Scream as loud as you want…get it all out now.

New York, New York– The city that never sleeps offers a few great things for such a party. Stop by the Today Show and lobby for your shot at a free makeover for their Ambush Makeover on the plaza segment that happens every Friday morning. Take the circle line around the island of Manhattan and catch great views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty before heading to the Theater District for two of Broadway’s hottest “Chickusicals,” Legally Blonde and Mama Mia.

Jake Ivory’s Dueling Piano Bar

Other great ideas include jazz clubs, dueling piano bars- Jake Ivory’s in Boston is GREAT- karaoke, and pole dancing classes for the very brave at heart.