Since Berger gave Carrie that enormous bunch of cotton candy carnations, I’ve had a soft spot for the neglected flower. Often seen sparsely scattered in funeral arrangements (because they last forever) with their neighbors the daisy and the mum, these flowers can brighten any room if designed in mass.

Giant bunches of inexpensive flowers are a great alternative to the stand alone kids in the front of the class for centerpieces and bouquets. Big arrangements of daisies, mums, alstrameria, hydrangea and black eyed susans in the center of any table are just as fabulous as the expensive flowers. Plus you get more for your money!

Skip the babys breath, I say always but it’s up to you, and stick with solid colored arrangements, rather than picking several. It makes the flowers pop and seem bigger and more brilliant.

So skip the froo- froo flowers that cost a fortune like the orchids and the cala lilies and even those pretty little gerbera daisies and go quantity over quality to create a rich look for less!

Multi-Colored Carnations

White Daisies Yellow & White Daisies

Carnation Centerpiece-
Modern Bride
: Paradise Found
Photographer:Luca Trovato

Daisy Balls- Modern Bride
Brides: Michael Luppino

Daisy Centerpieces
Photographer: Anna Williams