So I have this theory about showers….They would be WAY better without the opening of gifts. Some showers I’ve attended have been better than others. The good ones have a great signature drink (like the sherbet/champagne cocktails I “tested” at the last one I was at), pretty centerpieces that often double as favors and a bride that makes haste through the gift pile.

I never liked opening gifts in front of people, even when I was little. Wayyyy to much pressure. So, I have proposed if and when I get married to all potential bridesmaids who know, that if they throw me a stuffy shower there’s a good chance I won’t show, that my guests bring unwrapped gifts.

I know it sounds a little unconventinal and the traditionalists out there are stifling “eews” back into their mouths, but it just makes more sense. Think about it.

Bring an unwrapped gift, slap a card to it and ENJOY YOURSELF. The bride can thank people as they come in and place each unwrapped gift in a pile with the cards attached so guests can see what the bride received. This way, the hours of opening gifts can be spent actually talking to the people at the shower. You invited them for a reason right?

It’s a little hard to digest at first, but I think i’s a great alternative for brides who are willing to stray from convention.

*NOTE* Bridesmaids- ASK your bride if she wants to do this first before you actually tell guests not to wrap their gifts… it could become very awkward very fast if you don’t.

This also works really well for showers with a big guest list. I know a bridesmaid who planned a shower for 200 people and politely slipped a note inside the invitation asking guests to refrain from gift wrap for the sake of everyone’s sanity. Ok, those weren’t her exact words but you get the idea. And it worked!

It would work great for a spring shower to that might take place outside in a tent, backyard, garden etc.  Set up a Bellini Bar for guests to make their own bellini’s.  Have tables set up where guests can fill out questionnaires about the bride & groom and win a prize.

Food is also very important if you do the shower this way because it takes the focal point away from the gifts. Do a Mediteranean Buffet, a Dessert Bar, a Cupcake Table, Candy bar, Brunch Buffet, Barbecue, or anything else you want! Just remember to make it personal.

Obviously some brides will still want to revel in the all about me time while they open gifts, but some brides really don’t like it.  So this is an alternative to the traditional shower and really gret for brides who are willing to stray from convention.

More time for chatting up the bride, commending the mother-in-law and playing all those ridiculously cheesy shower games. Oh you know you love them…