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OK, so Bridesmaid dresses traditionally are not known for their fashion forward prowess. In fact, I think up until 2006 the object of the bridesmaid dress was to make sure the bride really did look her best. There was no way in those ugly dresses that the most beautiful bridesmaid could look even a little bit nice. Impossible.

Thanks to some amazing designers and some open minded brides, things are starting to change.

Jenny Yoo’s Bridesmaid Dress Collection is AMAZING. Granted it’s a little bit higher in the price bracket, but if you actually do want to wear this dress again, shell out a little extra cash for something super classy and very chic.

Here’s the part where you direct the bride after she’s agreed that burnt orange and plum wine are the “beautiful” colors she’s chosen for you to wear to march down the aisle in. If you have to wear her version of the worst color you’ve ever seen…at least have a little say in the style. The Jenny Yoo Collection has an assortment of beautiful dresses in Taffeta, China Silk, Charmeuse, Shangtung and Lace. They range in price from $175 to a whopping $1,125. But that’s for the high rollers. Most are very affordable around the $250 to $350 mark, with group discount for multiple dresses. Remember you want to wear them again…

Mandarin Orange Silk TaffetaGrape Silk TaffetaSunset Chiffon with Sunset Trim

J.Crew and Ann Taylor have also stepped up to play some bridesmaid ball with a simplistic lines in pastel hues and bold colors respectively. J.Crew’s bold fashion trends include bright shades of yellow, fuschia and orange and muted earth tones like browns, greens and grays.

Cotton Candy Lydia DressLyndsay Dress in Sour Lemon

Ann Taylor’s Celebrations Collection this Spring includes lots of pretty pastels in blues, pinks and greens.  Some in prints and some in Satin solids with demure detail.  They hover around the $198 mark and are definitely  ready to wear again.
 Monique Georgette Strapless Dress      Cameron Strapless Dress

Sure, the ideal is to not have to spend a fortune on  a dress, but you want to look good don’t you. Besides, your bride won’t care how much the dress is, she’s not paying for it. (Lucky you, if she offered). But these are some of my absolute favorites this Spring!

Welcome to the Be My Bridesmaid Blog! Ladies of the Aisle Unite! You have been chosen to participate in the most important day…of someone else’s life. Buckle Up.
For all you rookie bridesmaids out there, get excited. The first one is always fun. To the Veterans out there…laughing…stop being so bitter. You know you love it deep down. Aside from the bridesmaid bickering and the terrible dresses, being asked to be a bridesmaid is an honor you love to accept…and then promptly complain about for the next 8 months. Well here’s your forum. Bitch, moan, plan, steal and gather great ideas to make the most of playing slave for a day. We know you can make it great. After all…the bride is counting on you.

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